Many of these construction logos can also double as real estate logos. Construction logos often make use of standard real estate images such as houses, roofs, buildings and skylines. Construction logos need to have the appealing ruggedness, reliability which are reflected by the images of tools and equipment or the constructed objects supported by strong animals (House, building, tools and equipments, animals like cheetah, lions and others).

Construction company logos can’t use colors that are too muted or lines that are too thin and soft for fear of creating the subconscious perception that the company’s workmanship isn’t solid. Here’s a big selection of construction logos we recently completed. Please also have a look at our pre-designed construction logos for more samples and ideas. Your construction logo has to be authentic and professional, so it can help you get an edge over competition.

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Now is a great time to try your hand at producing a construction company logo that meets the criteria. Got your own favorite construction logos? Let us know about it and the designer who created it in the comments.