A flyer is often described as an advertising tool intended for wide distribution. Flyer is typically a single page leaflet that advertises about an event, products,services or an activity. Flyers, along with postcards, pamphlets and small posters, are forms of communication for people who want to engage the community. Today I have compiled a list of 25 amazing flyer designs that will teach you how a single page can attract so many eyeballs. If you are having a creative block or you are looking for samples of what you would like to show to your designer then check out the flyer design ideas below for some inspiration!

1. Flyer House Event

Flyer House Event



3. Christmas Flyer

Christmas Flyer

4. Christmas Party Flyer

Christmas Party Flyer

5. Flyer Design – Coffee Day

Flyer Design - Coffee Day

6. Template Flyer Girl Dance

Template Flyer Girl Dance

7. Valentines Day Flyer

Valentines Day Flyer

8. Flyer Design by Rongdhonu Graphics

Flyer Design by Rongdhonu Graphics

9. Lovejoy – Music & Event Flyer

Lovejoy - Music & Event Flyer

10. Hazim E-Flyer

Hazim E-Flyer

11. Flyer Design Ideas

Flyer Design Ideas

12. Cool Retro Party Flyer

Cool Retro Party Flyer

13. Cool Party Flyer

Cool Party Flyer

14. Amazing Flyer Design

Amazing Flyer Design



16. Reina Club Flyer

Reina Club Flyer

17. Google Plus Flyer Design

Google Plus Flyer Design

18. Sports Flyer Design

Sports Flyer Design

19. PechaKucha Night Flyer

PechaKucha Night Flyer

20. Fashion Club Flyer

Fashion Club Flyer

21. Once Upon a Sharm Flyer Design

Once Upon a Sharm Flyer Design

22. Summer House Flyer

Summer House Flyer

23. Event Flyer Template

Event Flyer Template

24. Flyer – We Heart Love

Flyer - We Heart Love



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