As a precious com­mod­ity for your business, logo designing is a tough task. Creative Logo is a symbol or emblem commonly used by companies and individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. As the cornerstone of brand identity, a good logo helps set the stage for the development of a successful and long-lasting brand.

So today, in this post I have collected great horse logo designs for your inspiration. These horse logos are also being popularly used in the car, sports, toy, insurance and various other businesses which are aiming to show strength to their brands. I hope they will inspire you and give you ideas for creating your own logo.

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1. Premium Children Apparel

Premium Children Apparel

2. Asgardia


3. Myhorse Riding

Myhorse Riding

4. Local Classes Horse Riding

Local Classes Horse Riding

5. Woodacre


6. Horse on Wheels

Horse on Wheels

7. HorseSpike


8. Store Logo in Progress

Store Logo in Progress

9. Equi Passion

Equi Passion



11. Flexihorse


12. Cowboy Logo

Cowboy Logo

13. Gray Horse

Gray Horse

14. Horse Tripe

Horse Tripe

15. Iron Horse

Iron Horse

16. Rocking-horse (WIP)

Rocking-horse (WIP)

17. Protees


18. Sunrise Chess and Games

Sunrise Chess and Games

19. Equitation Logo Design

Equitation Logo Design

20. Clever Bet

Clever Bet

21. Pony


22. Pegasus


23. Armor


24. Equicart


25. New Logo for Goodbye Horses

New Logo for Goodbye Horses

26. Dynasty Horse Feed

Dynasty Horse Feed

27. Horse Chess Crown Logo

Horse Chess Crown Logo

28. Hestura


29. Wildhorze Racing

Wildhorze Racing

30. Jupiter


Hope you will have liked these logo designs. Have I missed one? Let us know in the comments. What are your favorite galleries?