Both web and print designs built around a water theme have become a popular trend in recent years. Looking to redesign your portfolio site or a new client site? Well consider a Water world type theme. So, in this collection, I present to you 25 water inspired web designs that use water and seas as the central theme. Check out the cool water themed websites below for some inspiration if you plan on tackling this theme for your next project. You can also choose an affordable custom software development company for your required web design and development needs. Do these create a calming or exciting response? Which are your favorites?

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1. Tomas Pojeta

Tomas Pojeta

2. 4 Internet

4 Internet

3. Native Springs

Native Springs

4. GetMeFast


5. Belu


6. Volll


7. Brad Colbow

Brad Colbow

8. Tropical Sky Scuba Diving

Tropical Sky Scuba Diving

9. Marketing Informatico

Marketing Informatico

10. Bcandullo


11. Pusula Web

Pusula Web



13. Buceo de los Andes

Buceo de los Andes

14. Surf in Paradise

Surf in Paradise

15. Fish Trading Company

Fish Trading Company

16. Web Design Beach

Web Design Beach

17. Bustin’ Down the Door

Bustin’ Down the Door

18. Esintitasarim


19. Mauna Lani

Mauna Lani

20. WildWater Kingdom

WildWater Kingdom

21. Trident Boat Hire

Trident Boat Hire

22. Maldives Resort Lagoon

Maldives Resort Lagoon

23. White Water

White Water

24. Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer

25. Dasani


Hope you will like them. Do share your side of story and let me know what you guys want me to collect next.

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