Photoshop mistakes or disasters aren’t only amusing and shocking they are an informative visual lesson both in terms of what not to do and that proofing with a double and triple check should be standard.

Here’s a collection of worst photoshop mistakes and disasters made by professional graphic designers, who have made a poor job of not paying attention to detail when it comes to retouching photos.

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1. Proenza Schouler: Toxic Waist

Proenza Schouler Toxic Waist

2. Atlanta Social Season: One Step Beyonce

Atlanta Social Season One Step Beyonce

3. Floating Kitten

Floating Kitten

4. Orlando Magic Dancers

Orlando Magic Dancers

5. Skoda


6. Real Lady, CG Environment

Real Lady, CG Environment

7. Hello Magazine Spain Jan 2011

Hello Magazine Spain Jan 2011

8. Half a Woman, Half a. . . Hmm

Half a Woman, Half a. . . Hmm

9. Milk: It’s An Olympic Thing

Milk: It's An Olympic Thing

10. Paris-Match: Jambe-Packed

Paris-Match: Jambe-Packed

11. Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi

12. Levi’s: Reflective Defective

Levi's Reflective Defective

13. Photoshop Disaster

Photoshop Disaster

14. Don’t buy Make Up, just buy Photoshop

Don’t buy Make Up, just buy Photoshopr

15. Graphics: Undetectable Comping

Graphics Undetectable Comping

16. Stocking Girl, You Got Hosed

Stocking Girl, you got hosed

17. Belgian Toy Store

Belgian Toy Store

18. Rehab Management

Rehab Management

19. Sims Face off

Sims Face off

20. Burda: Limbo

Burda Limbo

21. Spiderman Meets Squidboy

Spiderman meets Squidboy

22. Vizio: Your Experience May Vary

Vizio Your experience may vary

23. Gap Wristful Thinking

Gap wristful thinking

24. Armani Exchange: Going Out on Limb

Armani Exchange going out on limb

25. Ow… My Leg

Ow… My Leg

26. JLH: Feet Destroyed by Maxim

JLH Feet destroyed by Maxim

27. Apple iPod for Mother’s Day

Apple iPod for mother’s day

28. Azoogle: This Was Really Well Thought

Azoogle this was really well thought

29. Crazy on The Outside: Attack of The Cutouts

Crazy on the outside Attack of the cutouts

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