Surely, every time you sit down to retouch photos, you want to speed up this process as much as possible. Today photographers are offered a wide range of applications, photo retouching softwares or online services to reduce the time spent sitting in front of your computer. Adobe’s flagship image retouching software Photoshop has a useful decision for you. We suggest you considering the simplest and fastest direction – Photoshop actions for photographers.

The PS actions are groups of Photoshop settings created for almost every type, genre, size, format, color and any other characteristics of the photo. In most cases, the actions balance the color and illumination of the face, enhance the color gamut, and give the stylized effect to the images. Why are they easy-to-handle and what are their advantages for photographers?

  1. Easy to use

The actions will not cause difficulties for beginners but will be a great starting point for their learning the retouching in Adobe Photoshop. By the way, learning how to use Photoshop actions will speed up your retouching twice. You just download the action you need, apply it to the image, correct the settings to your taste, and receive a perfect result.

  1. One click – about 100 photos

The actions save time and prevent the same operations with different photos. With Photoshop actions for portraits you can improve all photos in one click easily and quickly, just watching the fast change of the same effect on a series of images. All you need is make simple corrections if you need them.

  1. Free and available

You can download free Photoshop actions for portraits, with B&W, HDR, for Newborn or Fall photographs that improve the photo with one click and give it some effect. There are many websites that design free bundles. These actions do full-featured effects and make the following enhancement: highlight eyes, darken the background, smooth the skin color, liven up the color gamut, etc. These sets of actions are designed for different genres of photography, but you can vary correct, modify and experiment with them.

  1. Batch retouching

How to retouch 100 photos in one style? How to get the consistent results? The answer is the following – the PS actions will do everything for you. They are very convenient to use when you need to retouch many photos at once, for example, change the size, crop, apply a stylized effect or whiten the teeth on the portrait photos. This is a great help for event and wedding photographers. All changes are carried out instantly, while the quality of any photos will not be damaged, but even on the contrary, enhanced.

  1. Universality

The action is recorded in a universal format, which means that it can be shared with other users or downloaded from the Internet. They can also be uploaded to different versions of the program from CS3 to CS6, as well as on Creative Cloud and even on PSE devices 11-18. There are many styles and types of actions that will not only improve the photo, but change the white balance, apply filters to smooth the skin, make a smart procedure of sharpening, or add a copyright sign on photos.

  1. Professional look

If you are not strong in photo retouching, having used the Photoshop actions, your photographs will look professionally retouched. Working with high-quality Photoshop actions for professional photography, your photos will look amazing. Using the settings of the actions, you can modify them and add new ones, getting interesting effects. Finally, you can learn how to create your own action and the actions with different effects.

You should not neglect the Photoshop actions. They do their work while you are relaxing or planning new photoshoots. With these PS actions the retouching will seem tedious no longer. Now you can enjoy the work and be pleasantly surprised by the results, and satisfactory feedbacks from your clients. Appreciate your time, let the them act. Don’t waste your time repeating the same steps to get a pleasant effect – use the Photoshop actions for photographers.