Chip Life is a beautiful, stunning, professional and free WordPress theme. I have fixed some important updates to make its design, template more powerful and gorgeous. This update is mainly focused on Chip Life design including a little proportion of development.

My efforts are to provide best WordPress theme services (absolutely free) to my Chip Zero, Chip Life, and Chip Photo theme users. Let’s have a look to the newest features of Chip Life version 1.3, I hope you will enjoy.

Development Updates 1.3

  • New argument (ignore_sticky_posts) has been updated in WP_Query for retrieving related Posts.

Design Updates 1.3

  • Long Site Description overflows into secondary menu area (or content area, if no secondary menu) has been fixed.
  • Post Format: Gallery has been updated and improved.
  • List Items (ordered and unordered lists) are inheriting style (borders, bullet-type, etc.) from the parent comment list item has been fixed.

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