Want to create video content for your website but aren’t very certain that you’ll be able to record and edit conventional videos? Instead of that, have you thought about creating a slideshow video as website content?

Slideshow videos are interesting due to the fact that just like conventional videos they benefit from being able to deliver information in an audiovisual manner. In fact, there are several interesting ideas for website content that you could create as slideshow videos:

How-to guides

As content, how-to guides have a very natural appeal to viewers because they help them solve problems or teach them something that they want to learn. Both as text and videos this type of content has been proven to be effective for websites, and you can create it in the form of a slideshow video as well.

Essentially each slide will consist of a single step in the guide and show how it can be performed using an image. At the same time the step can be explained in brief by adding text to the slide, and a more in-depth explanation can be provided by the voiceover that accompanies the video.

Lists videos

Slideshows are the perfect way to create videos of a list, and each slide will basically be devoted towards a particular item in the list. The slide itself can deliver the message using an image, with a bit of accompanying text to provide context.

The voiceover can provide any further explanation as required, though it is important to focus on the most important areas. Care should be taken to ensure the video itself isn’t too long, and you should try to keep your slideshow videos to lists that have 5 to 8 items or thereabouts.

Explainer videos

Although the most popular explainer videos nowadays are animated, it is possible to structure them as a slideshow instead. The aim of this video is to explain a product, service or topic in a brief and entertaining manner.

As a slideshow, you will want to use each slide to deliver a single point of the explanation. The visuals of the slide can help illustrate the point, while the text and voiceover explain it. You can easily create voice overs using a voice generator online tool.

To keep it entertaining you could add some upbeat background music, and time the pace of the slideshow according to its tempo.

Make no mistake there are other types of video content that can be created in the form of slideshows, and you should explore all the possibilities that you can think of when ideating a video. Actually creating the slideshow is the easy part, provided you have a slideshow creator such as Movavi Slideshow Maker that lets you add the audiovisual elements you require.

Seeing as the slideshow will be in video form, you can upload it to YouTube then embed it on your website – or serve it up as a streaming video in other ways. Alternatively you could save it as a slideshow and publish it using platforms such as SlideShare if you prefer.