Every artist in any field, professional or amateur, goes through a creativity blockage at some point in their lives as creators, it’s as normal as finding it harder to concentrate on your job some days than others, or feeling less motivated to go through your usual training at the gym on certain days.

Therefore, if you find that you’re having trouble letting your creativity flow as you sit in front of a white canvas, going through a writer’s block, or whatever your creative field is, you might then be wondering how exactly it is that you can revert this state and boost your creativity again. Perhaps you aren’t precisely stuck in your creative processes but you’re just looking for new ways to expand your artist skills.

Either way, here are the best tips to improve your creativity.

Change Your Ways!

One great technique for boosting your creativity is switching things up. Forget all about your usual methods and try doing the complete opposite. What do we mean by this? Well, let’s set an example. 

If you usually sit at your home desk or studio, maybe even at the same time of the day, and start letting your juices flow, it makes sense that this same old routine may stop working its magic at some point. This might be a sign that it’s time to change your ways. Perhaps try a different time of the day, or a new setting, such as a nearby park or cafe. Just take your time to analyze your creative method and aim for a completely new one!

Find New Forms of Inspiration

When it comes to inspiration, there’s no actual formula, anything and everything can do for each one of us. Some may find that heading to a museum might do the job, or perhaps indulging in different art forms. Meanwhile, other people may find that completely unrelated art activities, such as working out, cooking your favorite meal, or simply relaxing in a beautiful landscape can effectively provide new creative ideas. Sometimes all it takes is chatting with other artists or people who you can dive into interesting conversations with to unlock those new doors in your mind. 

Another great source of inspiration registered in human history is renowned nature’s gift Mary Jane, a.k.a. Marijuana. As the use of this plant continues to gain recognition on a worldwide level due to its huge range of benefits, new discoveries make known the different uses that one can make of cannabis, and one of them is for boosting your creativity! 

Uncountable artists will back up this fact, from painters to musicians and everything in between. It doesn’t really matter whether you indulge in some autoflowers or photoperiods but the cannabinoids in them. You might find that either THC or CBD, or both do the job for you. Maybe it’s the first one, being the psychoactive compound known for providing the effects of a typical high, or the latter, which won’t make you high at all but provides amazing medical benefits and an overall feel-good body high.

Time to Take a Break!

If none of the previous tips has done any help to you so far perhaps it’s a sign that it’s time to take a break for the day. Not every day will be a great day for inspiration and sometimes there’s not much we can do about it other than giving it a rest and trying again later or tomorrow. Don’t beat yourself up for not feeling that magic, it’s all just part of the process, who knows, maybe tomorrow you come up with that enlightenment you were hoping to get today. 

Hopefully, this article helped you find new ways, and if all fails don’t panic! It’s all just a matter of patience.