It doesn’t matter whether you used to submit an academic essay or create an impressive blog posts for your blog. When is comes to plagiarism you should be very careful and respectful. If you submit not original academic paper, you can be severely punished up to being expelled from college or university. Of course, if you cheat with your blog post, the consequences might not seem so tedious, bought in a long wrong they are also truly harmful for your reputation.

We bet you know how important it is to produce original content and respect materials written by others. To avoid plagiarism and to spot unoriginal parts of your content you should use plagiarism checker online tool. Let’s get straight to business and learn how to do it on practice.

Brainstorm Before Writing

Before you start writing it is good idea to brainstorm topic lying ahead of you. Many people, students, writers, start from doing research and reading what others have written on a topic in question. It is not that worst beginning ever, especially considering the fact that starting from high school professors teach us to do in depth research before we even think about writing down some of our own ideas. However, it can cause troubles with originality. When you brainstorm first, you can be sure that all the ideas expressed in the post or articles are your own, you didn’t borrow it from others.

When you start doing research you shouldn’t think about it as a preliminary analysis which later you will do at a bigger scale. From that first source you use, you should save all the links and materials which influence your understanding of the topic. Don’t hope that history of search will save you later, it is almost impossible to find anything in that mess when it comes to formatting. Some bloggers I think that if they use too many references, their article won’t look as their own, but it is a big mistake. Don’t be shy to use links you actually used when preparing your material, this way it will look much more trustworthy.

Write Only When You Know the Topic

There are lots of post and articles written by people who have zero idea about the topic they try to elaborate on. It is a disaster to read all those articles which just return based on three for blogs hat writer read before. If you want to become popular with what you do, if you want readers to come back to you and respect you, right only when the topic is known to you and when you have something fresh to add to it.

Use Plagiarism Checkers

It is incredibly frustrating to find out that you became a victim of technical plagiarism. To avoid it, and to spot unoriginal parts of your document you should use plagiarism checkers. Don’t think it is a waste of time or money, if you use a paid checker. When you address professional writing services online, you can rest assured every single essay they write is checked meticulously with the usage of such software, despite the fact that all those documents are prepared by expert writers.

Be Responsive and Flexible

Let’s imagine that situation when you, unfortunately, plagiarized someone’s work. Most probably, you have done it unintentionally. Author of that work finds you and asks you to revise your paper and cut unoriginal parts. Don’t ignore such requests even if you know that author can’t actually harm your blog much. Reputation is a fragile thing, you don’t want to start your writing career Chrome even a minor fraud.

Enago Plagiarism and AI Grammar Checker

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