Contrary to popular belief, Internet Explorer can do lots of the same cool tricks as Firefox or Google Chrome so long as you’ve got the right IE Add-ons. Firefox and Google Chrome are well known for its plug-ins, from term paper help to live-tv add ons. But there aren’t as many available for Internet Explorer. Still, you needn’t feel left out in the cold. In fact, there are plenty of add-ins for IE as well.

In this article, I’ll clue you in to our favorite Internet Explorer add ons. You’ll find these sanctioned extensions at the Internet Explorer Gallery of Add-ons, but IE isn’t limited to those. There are full programs to install that provide lots of extra functions. If you’re planning on using Internet Explorer Add-ons, these are the ones to start with.

1. Cortona3D Viewer

Add simple 3D model view controls to your browser with this freeware plug-in. Cortona VRML Client’s default interface is a simple frame along two edges of your screen.

Cortona3D Viewer

2. iMacros for Internet Explorer

A macro is an automated series of computer actions that can save you a lot of time if you find yourself doing the same tasks over and over again.

iMacros for Internet Explorer

3. Youtube Downloader and Convertor

With the popularity of YouTube, a tool that downloads and converts videos from the site sounds like a great idea. And it is, in theory. In practice, this Internet Explorer add-on’s missing Help file makes it impossible to use.

Youtube Downloader and Convertor

4. Any Image Downloader

If you frequently find yourself saving large batches of images from the Internet, you’ve likely already figured out that there’s a better way to do it than right-clicking on each one individually and saving it to your hard drive.

Any Image Downloader

5. Smart Suggestor (Internet Explorer)

Smart Suggestor is a free browser widget designed to speed up and improve your searching, sharing, and shopping activities.

Smart Suggestor (Internet Explorer)

6. IE DownloadHelper

You don’t have to have an Internet connection to enjoy your favorite online videos; there are plenty of ways to download files from YouTube and many other popular video sites.

IE DownloadHelper

7. ArcSoft Video Downloader

Arc Soft Video Downloader helps users download movies directly to their computer, but there’s a second step (and another program) if you want to watch your videos.

ArcSoft Video Downloader

8. Yahoo Toolbar

Yahoo Toolbar is a free and convenient search tool that now includes a pop-up blocker. Stop annoying pop-up ads, search the Web, access Yahoo Mail, and games.

Yahoo Toolbar

9. Live TV

This free, feature-rich toolbar gives instant access to live television around the globe, although connections aren’t always reliable.

Live TV

10. eBay Toolbar

This Internet Explorer toolbar effectively keeps eBay lovers informed about bids and sales on eBay. eBay Toolbar’s traditional layout puts useful components on center stage.

eBay Toolbar

11. RealTime Cookie & Cache Cleaner

Remaining true to its name, this application cleans up your cookies and caches in real time while you surf the Web. RealTime Cookie & Cache Cleaner’s easy-to- understand interface immediately displays the number of cookies on your computer and effectively removes them in real time as you work online. This helps you improve your internet speed since there is less data in your browser!

RealTime Cookie & Cache Cleaner