The features of a logistic app can be divided into three categories impacting different people. The first is focused on customer necessity features, the second is for drivers and the last one is reserved for admin purposes. They are your top priorities in your research strategy if you want to make personalized features for your app. You can make an app with such features by yourself or ask a company like Mobindustry to take care of the whole process.

1. Virtual Administration

E-commerce businesses always need new ideas and plans. Having virtual access to any kind of service is an opportunity for every company to attract more clients. You have to manage every problem and have the best customer service in the market. You also need to simplify bulk transport for goods. Delivery time needs to be optimized. If not, the reputation of your company is at risk.

2. Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management

Vehicle tracking is the real deal. Through GPS, the location of the product can be communicated in real-time and be of great use both for the customer but also for the dispatcher. The delivery time can be estimated with ease, giving clients more peace of mind. Also, through fleet management, the managers can track the drivers to improve the timing and maximize the chances of successful delivery. 

Both tracking and management are crucial for a better logistics system. It allows you to monitor every moving product. The dispatcher will easily know the delivery state of each order, minimizing the client’s worries.

3. Virtual Ledger

Through a virtual ledger, you can manage all orders and paperwork, enabling you to easily keep track of all business operations. You can also include a payment gateway, simplifying the order process by allowing the customer to pay right within the app with a credit card or even a service like PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. 

4. Customer Rating 

Enabling the customer to rate the experience is one of the fastest ways of getting feedback. It can help both the vendors but also other potential clients. You can even include a chat panel to create a direct line of communication between the client and the transporter. In case any unexpected things occur, both parties can inform each other. 

The feedback will enable businesses to improve their system, making the end service better and more optimized to the user’s needs. 

5. Multi-language support

Since we’re talking about a logistics company here, an app with multi-language support is essential. After all, many deliveries might be international, so having an app that supports more languages will drastically improve communication between you, and your clients. 


In the age of advanced technology that we’re in, mobile phones make our lives much easier on all fronts. A logistics app is a must for just about any business out there that provides delivery of goods as a service. Tracking, detailed delivery info, and even a chat function are becoming ordinary in retail.

Having a dedicated logistics app or at least some of the functions mentioned above implemented on your platform will become mandatory soon. With blockchain and artificial intelligence, logistics will only evolve more so the sooner you get on this, the more of a market advantage you’ll have.