Facebook plays the important role in today’s life of millions of people. This most visited social network has become something like a virtual home for some of its users and it is a clear demonstration of its huge popularity. When it comes to creating your own Facebook fan page or one for your clients, as a web designer, you are always looking for something to help you stand out from the crowd.

Therefore, in this showcase I’m going to present you the most popular facebook apps for designers that most designers will enjoy in their Facebook pages, but also useful for creative designer people. Hope you will be interested in our older article related designer that Mac applications for designer.

1. TouchGraph

TouchGraph displays a visualization of which friends are friends with each other. TouchGraph identifies clusters to which friends belong and ranks friends based on who is a connector between groups.


2. Picnik

Picnik is the perfect solution for editing your photos without ever leaving Facebook. Crop, rotate, resize. Fix colors, exposure, and red-eye.


3. Vintage

Choose from thousands of great vintage works- advertisements, propaganda, pin-ups, and everything else that speaks to your vintage taste- and add them to your profile!


4. Photography

Choose from thousands of great photographs – landscapes, portraits, historical moments- they’re all there for you to show on your profile!


5. My Art Gallery

Enjoy beautiful masterpieces by great artists. Add style and sophistication to your facebook profile!
My Art Gallery

6. Art Yourself

Art Yourself by displaying your collection on your profile. Finding excellent art and meeting artists has never been easier!

Art Yourself

7. Graffiti

Graffiti is a fun application that lets you create graffiti that you can send to your friends. Or you can post your created Graffiti on your wall.


8. DivShare

DivShare is a web host application where you can upload different kinds of files and Divshare will host them forever for you for free!


9. LunaPic Photo Editor

Edit Your photos with the click of a button. Save back to your facebook account. Cool effects and features, including: Cut, crop, rotate, sharpen, blend and cool animation effects.

LunaPic Photo Editor

10. Phixr Photo Editor

Free in-browser online photo editor with tons of features and excellent facebook integration. No flash, no java, no browser plugins needed.

Phixr Photo Editor

11. Sketch Me

Bored with your profile picture? Picasso in this app draws an artist’s pencil sketch of you based on your profile photo.

Sketch Me

12. The Ultimate Vision Board

The vision board concept was popularized when it was featured in the blockbuster movie The Secret.

The Ultimate Vision Board

13. Photo Pop

Animate your photos or your friends’ photos. Send your creations to friends using the built-in messaging feature. It’s never been easier to add stuff to your pictures! For starters, add speech and thought bubbles.

Photo Pop

I hope you will have liked these application collection. Which ones do you use? Please suggest others that we may have missed in the comments’ area below.