WordPress is the engine that drives over 150 million blogs on the World Wide Web. It is open source software that provides access for developers to create add on-ons. Logically, you should know sympathies and the latest tendencies of your target audience to make your resource more satisfactory. The most common is of course the commenting system.

So, today I’d like to present 11 best free communication WordPress plugins, you can easily improve your site with. Don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS-feed and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for recent updates. You may also take a look at our past collections for inspiration: Testimonial WordPress Premium Themes, Product Catalog WordPress Plugins, Email Newsletter Widgets for WordPress and Free Minimal WordPress Themes.

1. Japkin

Japkin is a software that lets your website visitors communicate with your business through video and voice messaging. Install Japkin on your website and give your visitors the ability to send you video and voice messages directly from their browser.


2. Admin User Messages

With this plugin Admins are able to communicate with their users. That is useful if you have a website where you don\’t want your users to talk with each other. Every term of the plugin is customizable, so you can translate it in your own language.

Admin User Messages

3. WP Admin Microblog

WP Admin Microblog adds a separate microblog in your WordPress backend. The plugin transforms automatically urls to links, supports tagging and some bbcodes and it’s possible to send a message via e-mail to other users.

WP Admin Microblog

4. Facebook Chat

This plugin enables blogs to integrate Facebook Chat. Add to your blog and a bar similar to Facebook chat will appear at the bottom right. Log in with your Facebook account and start chatting.

Facebook Chat

5. VideoWhisper Video Conference Integration

VideoWhisper Video Conference is a modern web based multiple way video chat and real time file sharing tool. This plugin uses the WordPress username to login existing users. If the user is not logged into WordPress a warning message is shown and the visitor can click that to get back to the main WordPress website for registration/login.

VideoWhisper Video Conference Integration

6. Tiny Feedback Bar by Gekko

With Tiny Feedback Bar, your customer can be anywhere in the world and literally point out exactly what needs to be done. Just point & click to add Tasks, Bugs and New Feature Requests. Tiny Feedback Bar will present you all relevant information about items when you need it.

Tiny Feedback Bar by Gekko

7. SpeakPipe – Voicemail for Websites

SpeakPipe makes it easy for your customers to contact you, leave a question or testimonial. With SpeakPipe you can really listen to your customers. It allows your website visitors to send you a voice message using only their browser and microphone directly on your website.

SpeakPipe - Voicemail for Websites

8. Dream Broker Embed

Dream Broker Studio, you can easily integrate it into your WordPress site with this plugin. You can list the videos in your channel, add a category bar, and customize list layout. You can also add social media buttons to ensure that your videos can be shared easily.

Dream Broker Embed

9. Bookitme RealTime Chat Helper

The Bookitme Live Helper Easy way integrate JavaScript code into your wordpress site directly from admin interface without any touching wordpress source code. JavavaScript code calling Bookitme on-line services.

Bookitme RealTime Chat Helper

10. MailCWP

MailCWP is designed to be responsive and feature rich. Powered by jQuery and AJAX the system responds quickly to user requests. Using jQuery UI (with jui_theme_switch) it looks great.


11. WP Inquiry Form

An inquiry form is a form that is filled out by an individual who has an inquiry or questions that they would want answers to. Most organizations have these forms to ease the process of answering client inquiries.

WP Inquiry Form