There’s a reason why WordPress is the most popular CMS. most popular platform for developing beautiful and functional websites. Offering is a fantastic array of plugins and templates, WordPress can be relied on to create incredibly comprehensive websites for any use case.

WordPress websites are composed of a number of elements, the primary ones being themes and templates.

HAlthough they might seem interchangeable terms, there are some fundamental differences between the two. While a WordPress theme can be defined as the complete design for your website, the WordPress template is a page layout present within a theme. So, themes essentially control the design of your entire website, whereas templates define how the layout of a single page would look like. A theme can contain several different types of templates.

Interestingly, even though WordPress templates and themes can ease and quicken up the website building process, there are certain challenges in using these.

Challenges of building with themes and templates

There are several challenges associated with using a pre-built WordPress theme, one of them being coding. Clean coding is an essential requirement to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your website. If you are using pre-built themes, they might have a significant overall appearance, but they consist of several issues underneath. Note that poorly written codes can affect both the performance and stability of the overall site. However, if you have an audience who does not know about coding, you can get away with the situation as they will not spot bad coding instances. An advantage here is that a generic code will work for thousands of websites, which is easy and saves your time and resources.

While using the predefined themes and templates might seem an appealing choice, there are tradeoffs of that too. You will not be able to perfectly tailor the site in terms of having broader features and functions. It might not work exactly the way you want.

Overcoming these challenges with Elementor’s full-site kits

Elementor, a WordPress website builder used to create more than 6% of all the world’s websites, provides a game-changing solution; the kind perfectly-suited for those looking to launch stunning websites quickly and effortlessly: Full Site Kits.

Complete, designer-made websites, Kits contain all the essential and non-essential items that will help you create a new website. It helps in reducing the time consumed for creating a new website. Remember that you cannot carry over all the attributes of an old project with the existing technologies. So if your developer wants to use elements from the old projects, they would need to save each page individually as JSON files. It bears the elements of the old projects but not their settings and functionalities. It means that the developers would have to redo and redefine the new websites’ functionalities and settings every time.

Elementor offers Full Site Kits for any and all use cases, including:

  • Business & services
  • E-commerce
  • Beauty & hair
  • Education
  • Events & entertainment
  • Food & drinks
  • health & wellness
  • Technology
  • Ngo
  • Portfolio & cv
  • Technology
  • Travel & tourism

With Elementor’s import-export functions, you will be able to carry various features of one website to other projects with a multi-step process. The procedure gets shortened with the help of a full-site kit, and it becomes simple too. With full site kits, your web developers will be able to produce new websites that will look professional and have all the necessary functions that you want. 

“The true power of a Full Site Kit lies in its replicability:
Templates, content, site settings, header, footer, 404 error page, pop-ups, color scheme, fonts, theme style, and landing pages; all the website attributes are packaged into a single kit for more convenient implementation.”

Kits – the future of WordPress web design at scale

Since the time Elementor was launched, it has gained a lot of popularity. It has now become a comprehensive website-building platform. The emerging needs of  users have birthed Kits  as Elementor’s developers were driven to find a solution to those uninterested in tinkering with themes and templates..

Keeping the website builder’s large user base in mind, Elementor has launched new pricing plans to help everyone stay connected with it. Whether you have a big business or a freelancer, you will be able to do WordPress web design at a scale. The new plans include several other features that will make your life easy and lessen the hassles of your developers. Now you can get tailor-made and relevant content to fit into your website perfectly. Thus, the full site kit is the perfect solution to the issues caused by predefined themes and templates.