WordPress has two versions – WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com is for having a free blog with an online space that will be owned by them. WordPress.org on the other hand provides you with a free blogging tool which you can run on your own online space. This is the way that most serious bloggers take.

All the big names in the blogosphere use WordPress. For many bloggers blogging means WordPress.

Theme.co has designed an all new WordPress theme named X that you can run for your WordPress blog. Below I discuss the main features for theme X.


The X theme comes with a lot of designs built into it. These designs are known as Stacks. And even those designs are fully customizable, you can change the look and feel of every Stack with a click of a mouse. While you will still have more granular control over different elements of your site – changing a Stack will change the entire style of your X theme.

There are currently three Stacks – Integrity, Renew and Icon.

Integrity is an all purpose design, Renew is flat without any gradients or shadows, and Icon is clean, minimal and modern.

Retina Ready

X theme comes with custom fonts, icon fonts, and the latest CSS for other stylistic elements. X is designed in such a way that it is optimized for high resolution displays.

Expert Advice

Theme X is built by seeking advice from one of the leading experts in the industry. This is something that theme X has and no other theme on the planet has.

Some top level marketers were consulted to help them achieve their goal of building this fascinating WordPress theme.

Some experts shared specific details that were incorporated in the theme by writing the appropriate code.

Other experts shared business literature in the form of videos and training material which they give to their customers when they purchase the X theme.


X theme comes with a Live Customizer which lets you see every change in a preview mode which will not affect the live version of your website. Whether you change the colors, layout type, text material or pictures all changes will be reflected back to you allowing you the choice to either go with those changes i.e. publish them or revert to the original old version.


Theme X comes with more than 600 Google fonts. These fonts include all of their weights, all of their styles, and only load the choices you make so as to greatly improve the performance of your website.


Theme X contains all the available PSD files. Simply open Photoshop and work your way through it until you are completely satisfied.

Search Engine Optimization

X theme is built by using the latest coding techniques. They have used the latest, semantic HTML5 markup which lets search engines know where your prominent content starts and ends. This ensures good search engine optimization for their site.

Go and take a look at the website and let me know what you think in the comments below.