At the DEFCON hackathon 2018, a strange thing happened that has sent shockwaves across the Internet community. An 11-Year-Old Hacked Into a U.S. Voting System Replica in under 10 Minutes.

Let that sink down.

An eleven-year-old, who is yet to get out of school, graduate or even get any real-world experience has hacked what is considered to be one of the most secure website, or rather its replica.

We are living in strange times. Security has become an impasse. Even toddlers know how to hijack systems and get what they want. If your website or application is not guarded properly, it does not take long for an experienced hacker to blaze his/her way through it. Once that happens, your private data will become easily available on public domain much to your embarrassment.

Cybersecurity threats are not something that the Internet has come across recently. It has been around since the days networking become prominent. It is now, with the advancement of the Internet that cyber security has increased at an alarming rate, putting everyone, including government, public bodies, enterprises and individuals at risk.

Websites – A Juicy target for hackers

Although mobile applications and wearables have changed the digital landscape, websites still remain the primary target for hackers. After all, it is the website where the most data about your users can be found. So, if you are a website owner there is a pressing need to secure your website. An SSL certificate is needed to do that.

SSL certificate and HTTPS – a must-have cybersecurity tool

SSL certificate is a bit-sized file that enables HTTPS in a website. HTTPS is the secured version of HTTP – a protocol which makes the Internet work. Basically, SSL certificate works by securing the transfer of data between the web browser and the client server. It insulates the data by scrambling into a jibberish form. Thereby any third-party or even a hacker who does not have the private key to unlock the data would not be able to see the data in its true form.

That said, if you are a website owner, you need an SSL certificate. Moreover, HTTPS is soon to become the way of the Internet as users are soon becoming aware of the need for security in online transacting.

As a website owner myself, I have been scouting the Internet to find the best SSL certificate that takes care of my website the right way. I landed on SSL2BUY and found the offerings to be spot-on.

Here is a breakdown of why I find SSL2BUY to be a worthy SSL certificate provider.

SSL2BUY is an authorized reseller

First things first. Trust is the first thing to look for when you are buying an SSL certificate that will make your website secure and trustworthy. That said, SSL2BUY qualifies as an excellent option since it is an authorized reseller with most of the popular and trusted Certificate Authorities.

SSL2BUY has within its ambit a host of brands like GeoTrust, Thawte, Symantec, GlobalSign, Comodo, AlphaSSL, and RapidSSL. Their quality and trustworthiness has never been questioned in the past. SSL2BUY brings that trust and reliability to your website.

Affordable prices

As a website owner, I always on the lookout for freebies and trials that will save me overheads.

That said, SSL2BUY offers affordable prices that I hardly saw anywhere else on the Internet. They have branded Wildcard SSL certificates starting from $42 onwards. Further, they also run occasional flash sales, offers and discounts that can save you tons of money on buying SSL certificates.

Money Back Guarantee!

The sweetest of all deals come with a money back guarantee. Imagine the tragedy when something that you have bought does not work the way it has to. Or for some reason you want to give it back and get your money back. Poor quality, inadequate features, better offer, or if something has gone wrong because of the product, then a money back guarantee would be a good thing to bank on.

SSL2BUY understands that customer need for reassurance and hence provides SSL certificates with 30 days money back guarantee. In case you are unsatisfied with the product and want to return it and have you money back, SSL2BUY’s money back guarantee will take care of that.

World-class customer support

Well, in my experience, installing an SSL certificate is not as easy as downloading an app from an app store. It is a completely technical and sophisticated process that might need some expert assistance.

Be it for troubleshooting, installing, configuring, upgrading or renewing the SSL certificate with a new one, you can always count on SSL2BUY’s expertise to make things work in your favor. You can reach them on live chat support.

Final Thoughts

My search for an SSL certificate ended with SSL2BUY. I was able to find the right brand of SSL certificate within the price bandwidth I can afford from them. Their quality of service, pricing and also a large variety of SSL certificates makes me recommend them every time someone asks for a place to buy an SSL certificate. Their market reputation is a testament to their offerings. I hope you will also be able to find the right SSL certificate for your website from SSL2BUY. I hope this review helps you in that process.