Web Tools for Students and Teachers

Current Internet technologies provide tremendous support to the representatives of the education system. The modern man does not need to go to the dusty archives or visit libraries for many kilometers from his residence. A lot of important information can be gleaned from the resources of the global web like https://essaywritingsolutions.co.uk.

Many sites are created in the network, where everyone can learn the information necessary for any tests. To raise his academic level and for broaden his educational horizons. Such opportunities are available for both the teachers and the students. There are lots of paid resources but there is a large assortment of the sites where an extensive layer of information is provided for the users absolutely free of charge.

In order not to waste the time on endless searches, and not to get lost in the variety of portals and get the necessary data at minimum energy costs, you need to have the electronic addresses of the best ones. The list of useful resources, which is compiled according to the latest reviews and recommendations of experts, teachers, and students from around the world, will help to make a choice and to remain contended with the results. Perhaps, some of them will be familiar to you, and some will be a real discovery and become useful in the future, thanks to our tips.

1. Play Brighter

This application allows the teachers to fully check the knowledge of the students due to the presence of 15 thousand questions offered by the program. Over and above, the teacher can supplement their own list in order to offer a quiz to the class thereby testing the level of understanding the concept of the studied subject as a whole or a specific topic, in particular.

2. KnowRe

Thanks to this mathematical program, which can be used online, the students in secondary and senior schools manage to systematize their educational process, to rater understand any mathematical disciplines, and improve their own academic performance. The technological capabilities of the educational platform are invaluable for teachers of Algebra and Geometry. The program allows the tutor to approach individually the preparation of assignments for each student, depending on the degree of his education and preparation, which shows the teacher a real level of knowledge of every student and the class as a whole. The tasks are presented in a game form and stimulate the learning process, making it more interesting. This program greatly facilitates the preparation of the teacher for each lesson, allowing diversifying the boredom and monotony that can cast formulas, endless numbers, logical tasks and complex calculations. This platform was formed five years ago and has already gained wide popularity among the students and the teachers in the US, Korea, and in many countries in Asia. It was even named the best instructional application for studying mathematical disciplines.

3. ThingLink

A modern program that allows the students to make the most vivid presentations in a digital format. An easy management and, as a result, a high quality of interactive task design for any subject. Thanks to this platform, static images come to life, turning any traditional and boring pictures or photo into unique video clips. In order to take advantage of this technical opportunity, it is enough to install this application on your computer tablet, or a smartphone.

4. BenchPrep

It is a storehouse of knowledge collected in a virtual library repository. The all given materials sorted by a variety of disciplines and topics that are necessary to prepare for graduation or professional examinations. You can find any practical assignments with any questions and answers in this virtual library, as well as over six hundred video lessons. The usage of this app is allowed for the owners of digital devices based on Android and iOS.

5. Ipiccy

Since the modern educational process requires the maximum number of presentations, the simplicity and functionality of this platform have won many teachers and students. This application can be considered a worthy analog of Photoshop, which wins thanks to the simpler management rules and a sufficient set of graphic capabilities for editing any image. As a result, the presentations of the students and the teachers who do not have any special skills in working with graphic design are highly professional.

6. iStudiezPRO

This is a virtual assistant. Thanks to this app, your schedule, taking into account any deadlines, notifications, and the other necessary records to systematize the workflow, will always be perfect, regardless of whether you are a college student or teaching at a university. The application is easy to apply because the user is required to make a schedule, which the system will process and, due to the technical capabilities, will transfer to the Cloud. The basic version is available for free and the maximally expanded version can be purchased additionally for symbolic money, less than three dollars.

7. Evernote

This is a current digital synchronizer for all written works, presentations and test tasks. This application will not allow you to get lost to your homework, any created file in the text, audio, video or graphical mode. This is unlimited access to your own training data without any time limits, which does not require filling out cabinets and shelves with sheets of paper, folders and notes. All the necessary materials are in your computer and under the reliable protection of your personal online account. To numerous options, the application is equipped with a clear instruction for the users. The students and the teachers can use both the free version and choose a premium option for themselves, which costs up to $50 per year.

8. StudyBlue

Visualization helps to remember the information and to study the subject properly. The structure of the app consists of the thematic flash cards divided on issues from the various fields of knowledge. Such an auxiliary resource greatly simplifies the life of the students and the teachers, saves the time and systematizes the knowledge. It is convenient not only to receive the education but also to teach the next generations. This platform allows you to use the text, video and audio effects to create the individual cards that will perfectly solve the task set.

9. Dictionary.com mobile

You will never be in a weak moment either by the teachers or the students when using this application. The application will immediately provide the best answers to any questions applying more than two million definitions loaded into its system. The platform quickly selects antonyms, synonyms, and clues, acting much faster than the search engines of any browser.

Allow these practical tops of survival in the educational system to become useful for representatives of the two camps: the students and the tutors, making the process of knowledge obtaining and disseminating easy and saturated.