In this 21st century where almost everything is shifting to the internet, always the first impression is essential for an e-commerce site to succeed. The homepage is mostly the highest traffic page and is responsible for creating trust, creating die-hard customers and drive huge sales.

The design you choose determines whether your site will continue enjoying traffic or make your potential customers not to visit the site again. A creative and efficient homepage can be complicated to achieve especially if you have lots of products in different categories. It can be difficult to put together a website that showcases all the products, we have a feeling to display everything you have on the homepage hence the site becomes overwhelming because of complexity scaring customers away.

Tips on how to create an efficient and latest e-commerce site homepage

You always want an attractive new design, but often don’t acknowledge why or what the difficulties of your website are:

1. Know your issues: before everything else, you should understand what problems you are trying to solve. You should get informative feedback from customers.

2. Products should be easy to find: Your homepage should be easy to navigate so that users find what they want. It is proven that when users don’t find what they originally wanted they leave immediately but if they quickly find the sought product it would be possible for them to search for other related products and their probability of revisiting the website is high. Make your products easy to sort out, try to use sorting options such as:

  • Best-selling
  • Low to high price
  • High to low price
  • Highest rated

3. Responsive Sites: Some years back when websites were mainly accessed from PCs and were not sensitive to mobile phones. However, the numbers of people owning smartphones have significantly grown. With the possibility of people owning both mobile and desktop devices, there is a need to develop responsive e-commerce sites whose content can be sensitive to a variety of devices. Hence as we move closer to the Internet of Things, the e-commerce market will continually expand. Auto response sites lead to better Search engine optimization and easier content updating across the platforms with even better customer experience because of the unified code.

How to stand out from Other E-Commerce sites

1. Distinguish yourself from the others

Your visitors and clients should be able to distinguish your brand from the other millions of e-commerce sites on the internet. You should convince the buyer why they should choose your services.

  • Is it either because of your discounts?
  • Or you have cheaper prices?
  • Do you have faster delivery?
  • Do you offer free shipping?
  • Do you have better quality products?
  • Can you supply bulk products?

These are some of the queries you should ask yourself so that your site stands out.

2. Creative Pictures of Products

Use High Definition and captivating images of products. The images should link to the specific products description and also have an option for exploring other related products.

3. Have a Custom search bar and simple navigation

Have a search bar like Google custom search in your homepage and have a simple navigation where you can help customers find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Simplicity is critical for success in any form of e-commerce store.

4. Create Epic Content or Infographics

Regardless of the type of site, you need backlinks and top notch content. One such piece of content could be an infographic. Visual content, especially infographics tend to get shared more often and create backlinks. This will help you stand out from the other e-commerce sites and help get more organic traffic.