Although a great digital presence, including a savvy website and active social media accounts, is vital to the success of your business, every company could benefit from adding downloadable promotional information to their site. After all, while we may be living in a digital moment, sometimes customers find it helpful to have access to pamphlets, fliers, and other traditional with everything they need to know. Even if they have to print it themselves, there’s something about having the paper in hand that can improve business.

What kinds of materials should you produce for your business and how do you add them to your site? Get started with fliers, pamphlets, and brochures with these simple steps.

Choose a Format

No matter what kind of downloadable materials you want to produce, there are plenty of templates available online. Even for something as simple as a flier, using templates like these available from PosterMyWall can help you develop a more complex, compelling design than you might be able to make yourself.

In general, it’s much easier to make a flier than it is to make a pamphlet or brochure, as the latter two options have columns and folds that complicate the design process. If you are going to make folded designs, look for print-ready pamphlet templates, like these, that show you how to order the components so that the final result makes sense to the reader.

Let Content Lead

Once you choose a format, the next component of your design should be the content. Sure, you want your final product to look good, but your downloadables won’t help generate much business if they aren’t informative. So, what should go on these items?

The exact content depends on your business, of course. In general, you’ll want to include your core product offerings and pricing. You may even be able to lift the right information directly off your website – a pamphlet or flier for the Fort Worth branch of US Storage, for example, could easily employ the company’s unit information chart in promotional materials. You don’t have to create new content from scratch to make these downloadable supplements.

If you have room in your pamphlet or flier, you might also want to add customer testimonials. Customer testimonials are very convincing and can boost sales more than any internal commentary on your company, and are often even more convincing than offering a good price.

Think Printing Logistics

As you assemble your printable promotional materials, we recommend generating two versions – a full color version and a black and white version for easy printing. Though conversion-oriented colors (colors that portray the mood of your business) are ideal from a marketing perspective, most people don’t want to waste their colored ink on business fliers. By offering a black and white download, you make it more likely that people will actually print out the document for future reference.

Upload For Downloads

Finally, once you’ve designed your flier or pamphlet, you’ll need to add it to your website. This is easy to do on WordPress and similar blogging platforms. All you have to do is upload the file using the Add Media button, create download text (make sure to differentiate between the color and black and white file versions), and publish the file.

If you’re adding the flier to the blog section of your site rather than another section of a WordPress-powered website, we recommend showing the full download on the blog while adding a secondary option to download it.

It’s a simple thing, but adding print-your-own fliers and brochures to your website is a great way to boost business in a market that’s still holding on to the remnants of an older business style. People don’t want to have to come to you to get these introductory materials, but they still want the benefits. It’s time to give them what they want.