If you are the owner of a website, then you probably have blog posts that gained a lot of attention and comments, while there are other blog posts that have been collecting dust for quite a while. Sometimes those blog posts that haven’t received any attention aren’t necessarily because they’re bad posts… it could simply be because it wasn’t published in the right format. That reason is the whole purpose behind repurposing content.

Repurposing content is basically taking content you already have and publishing the same information in a different way. Think of it like leftover turkey after Thanksgiving… You have tons of turkey leftover but instead of continuing to eat it with dressing, you take the turkey meat and turn it into different types of meals like turkey tacos, turkey salad, and turkey tetrazzini!

That being said, the content you have doesn’t have to be used in its original state or in the same way. If your content isn’t getting your site any traffic in blog form, it may be time to convert it into a different format that’s easier for your audience to consume. This lack of interest in your content can be due to it being too old, the quality level, and even changes within your business industry.

Regardless of the reason, it’s time to play around with different formats and to refresh your content to keep your audience interested. Take a look at the different ways to repurpose the content you already have and get it distributed.

Effective ways to Repurpose Your Site’s Current Content

Add New Information to Older Blog Posts

Updating your older blog posts with newer information is a great content marketing strategy simply because it makes your content relevant in real-time. You may have a blog post from three or four years ago that has helpful and useful information that’s still relevant today but since it was published, new information has come out on the topic.

This is an easy fix… There are certain tweaks you can do on your own to make the information current but if you want maximum results, you must also promote your updated content. There are niche edit link building services you can invest in to help you promote your newly updated content. Niche edits are simply links added into existing posts and pages on other websites. This is very similar to broken link building and resource page link building.

Take Your Visual Content and Convert It Into a Pinterest Board

Maybe you have a travel site and you have some guides on certain locations to visit in various countries, and in those posts you have lots of pictures… You can make the most of your posts that are heavy in images by showcasing those images on Pinterest boards. Pinterest boards are a great way to gain online visibility to your site! Plus, when people “pin” your images, they’re more likely to visit your site to see what other types of content you have.

Take Long-Form Content and Condense It Into Video Content

Sometimes the information you provide is great but it can sometimes be so time-consuming to read that your audience just doesn’t have the time or attention span to dedicate to reading it. This is likely due to society’s “need for speed.” Everyone is in such a rush that they want the information they need right then, and video content is a great way to give them what they want.

Video content isn’t only created to meet a need, but overall, people just simply enjoy looking at video content, according to statista.com. Whether your video content is a how-to video or explaining a certain process, people just consume and receive video content better, depending on the subject matter. How-to’s and explainer videos are very effective on social media channels.

Turn a Blog Post Into a Podcast

People have been fans of podcasts ever since Bluetooth transformed into the powerhouse it is today. The awesome thing about podcasts is that they can go anywhere. People listen to podcasts on their drive to work, when they’re getting dressed for work, on plane rides, and during meditation.

Sometimes people are interested in the content you have but maybe they’re driving… well, they obviously can’t read your content while driving. Podcasts are simply broadening your content options for your audience. When they’re not in a position to read it or watch it, they can still consume it by listening to it.

Let Your Customer Reviews and Testimonials Promote Your Content

One thing that will never die in the business world is the power of word-of-mouth. If you have some rave customer testimonials, you can use those testimonials to draw attention to various product pages. Did you know that 91% of online shoppers read online reviews and 84% of them trust those reviews as though they were a personal recommendation? Well, they do.

Potential customers always want to know how a particular product or service is before they invest their money in it. By posting customer reviews and testimonials, it’s not only going to establish trust in your brand and improve customer relationships but it’s also going to show potential customers that you value customer opinions and that their opinions matter… Who wouldn’t want to do business with a company that values customers that deeply?