Nowadays, practically all technical services we can use are perfectly explained thanks to tutorials, videos and FAQ pages on the internet. However, this is not always the case, as we see when looking at dedicated server USA and similar options. There are countless different things that people simply do not know. We will highlight some of them in the following paragraphs.

You Can Host Countless Applications On Dedicated Servers

People know that they can host websites on dedicated servers but few know that various application platforms can be utilized. This includes Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress when looking just at CMS. Dedicated hosting is a great way to build different types of businesses, including offering web hosting services.

When you own a dedicated server, you can resell parts of it. This is the groundwork for a hosting business. Multiple clients can be managed at the same time. They will get access to the control panel and can make the changes that you allow them too. There are many people looking for such a service because it is cheaper than getting their own dedicated server.

Create Database Servers For Applications

MySQL and Galera keep rising in popularity. The same thing goes with very powerful database engines like Postgres or MS SQL Server 2012. Due to this, it is very easy to operate databases. The engines can be used to store the data needed for games, desktop applications, websites, and mobile apps. You can thus create the resources needed for such applications with the dedicated server.

Offering Firewall Services

Everyone saw websites go down because of the fact that they were attacked by hackers. With the use of the appropriate load balancers and hardware firewalls, this is not something to worry about. Based on the result you want, a load balancer or a firewall can help scale the architecture you have access to right now, stop intruders, offer access just to selected people and create redundancy. Even web content can be cached to then be offered to visitors.

Most techies avoid firewalls as the experience offered is usually not user-friendly. However, with the technologies that are right now available on Linux servers, it is easier than ever to set up very strong firewalls hosted on dedicated servers. This is a much better alternative than hiring a third party to do it or buying Cisco ASA.

You Can Operate An Email Platform For Enterprises

Most people use email addresses from or They do not pay for email. With businesses, this is not something that can be considered because email is very important. With the dedicated servers, you can use options like Zimbra, Microsoft Exchange, POP mail servers and more. All this can be established under the name of your business so you can run the entire email server on your dedicated server.

Create A Dedicated Cloud

Countless people pay hundreds of dollars per month for cloud servers or VPS environments. VPS does offer some clear benefits that have to be considered. What you might not know is that the dedicated server can be used to create a cloud environment with a good hypervisor installed, like Citrix Xenserver or VMware ESX/vSphere.

Creating Backups

All the information that you have on your site needs to be backed up. There is a good possibility that the same applies to what is stored on your computer right now. Unfortunately, most site owners do not really have a backup in place. When you own a dedicated server, it is a shame not to have backups in place. The system you use to create the backups can be separate from what is accessible by people connected to the internet.