Staff are what makes a business – without them, most companies would be non-existent. Great employees can contribute to the success of a business with their hard work, enthusiasm, and can-do attitude towards colleagues and clients. At the same time, the wrong employee can bring a company to its knees. It is imperative that you get the right ones.

Here are 6 ways to choose the best employees for your business.

Personality Tests and Assessments

Often it can be helpful to ask interviewees to complete a personality test. Tests such as the Caliper Profile and Myers-Briggs test can build a picture of a person’s behavioral traits and assess how they might react in certain situations. If the role you are interviewing for dictates that the ideal candidate is a natural leader who will not shy away from a challenge, then such tests will help you find the right person.


When time is money, and a business relies on employing the absolute best staff, it can be useful to adopt a prequalification process.

Large construction companies benefit from using a subcontractor prequalification process to vet bidding parties as a sub-standard contractor or subcontractor could put a whole project at risk. Poor work standards can affect project schedules, safety and hinder payment prequalification checks the financial stability, payment history, business information, and safety statistics of a business.

Use a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies have a plethora of pre-screened candidates on their books, ready to be interviewed. Using an agency can save a company the time it takes to wade through thousands of job applications from hopeful candidates and spending hours on end interviewing a shortlist of candidates.

Agencies specializing in specific business sectors are the best option. They have an in-depth knowledge of the technical requirements and personal qualities an interviewee must have to be suitable for a position.

Check References and Background

It is surprising how many people will fabricate the truth a little when writing their curriculum vitae, so it is vital to check a potential employee’s background, qualifications and references. You could go through a lengthy interviewing process only to find that your ideal candidate has never even set foot on a building site or driven a forklift truck, despite their CV stating otherwise.

Have a Look at Their Social Media

Most people have a social media presence these days, and often, they can give an honest picture of that person – perhaps more honest than a person may be in a job application or interview.

A platform such as Facebook or Instagram may give clues as to a person’s hobbies, achievements, and talents that may have been overlooked during candidate shortlisting. An employer may realize these qualities may be beneficial to the job role.

Ask the Right Questions

A job profile should be as accurate and detailed as possible to attract candidates compatible with the majority of the criteria. The job description should specify any licenses or certificates essential to the role, job experience and describe the personal qualities the successful employee should have.

At an interview, questions should be asked that are relevant to the role and endeavor to gain as much knowledge as possible about the interviewee and how they would fit in with the rest of the team. Choosing the best staff isn’t an easy feat, but your company will go from strength to strength when you get it right.