If you want to properly promote a law firm, it is vital that you have a well-designed, high quality website. Judgments about company prestige and quality are made in just seconds after landing on a web page. If the law firm’s website is improperly designed or looks dated, it is a certainty that marketing results are very bad.

When you want to design a really good site for a law firm, follow these tips from experienced attorneys in Jonesboro AR.

Less is Always More

Years ago, websites were similar to information directories. They had numerous links and a lot of text. The internet changed and it is now much more accessible. People also want to see less in terms of design. Any law firm out there needs a simple, clean website that focuses on the message instead of fancy design elements.

Simplify website design by:

  • Reducing how much text is present and combining it with images that convey messages.
  • Using contrasting colors and larger headers.
  • Writing really simple sentences anyone can understand.
  • Breaking up the longer paragraphs.
  • Utilizing white space in order to separate content.
  • Having “one liner” value propositions.

Professionalism Counts

If the website does not look professional, you need to make changes. Professionalism is highly important in anything related to laws. Lawyers work hard to establish relationships and build trust. Web designers need to use appealing color schemes, high resolution stock photos and very good typography. Never skimp and use office photos shot with an iPhone. Also, never use dark backgrounds and neon colors.

Use A Single CTA (Call To Action)

In modern web design, just one CTA is used on a page. This is because people should never actually think as the website is used. They need to be guided towards what you want them to do. The CTA helps to do that and when you have many on a page, people get confused.

For most law firms, the big goal is getting new clients. It is important to add Contact Us buttons and can always use some contrasting colors in order to accent the buttons. You should never worry about being too obvious.

Mobile Accessibility

One thing that you might not know is that there are more people using smartphones to browse the internet than PC users. Because of this, mobile accessibility is particularly important. Since most people will search online before they contact a law firm, mobile accessibility becomes paramount. You need to be sure that your site is built to be fully responsive.

Responsive design practically means that the website will detect incoming visitor screen size. Then, the display automatically adjusts size and layouts for all elements. Responsive sites scale down so that they can be properly viewed on all devices.

Quality Content And Organization

Last but not least, if you want to design a really good law firm website, be sure that content is as great as it needs to be. At the same time, you have to properly organize everything in a logical way. Simply put, you have to be sure that it is really easy for visitors to find the desired content.