Your new small business deserves the best possible shot at success, and it’s all up to you to pave that path.  Investing in a visible internet presence is one of the fastest ways to open your business up to a wider consumer base.  

The internet represents a global reach on your market, and your website is the first step to connecting with your target consumer.  If you’re the owner of your own small business, you’re likely the design of your own website.  

Mobility and modern telecommunication concept: macro view of tablet computer and touchscreen smartphones with colorful interfaces on laptop notebook PC

Though there’s lots to be learned about digital design, there are some foundational aspects that are always important.  Take a few moments now to read through some simple website design tips for beginners, and start your journey towards digital success today.  

Communication should be a running theme

Communication is a critical aspect of running a successful business, and your website should mirror your company’s dedication to clear communication.  This Australian home loan website shows how communication can be weaved into your design with ease.  

Adding a chat bot to your design gives users the opportunity to ask questions and get immediate answers about various features of your operation.  You can also add a dedicated contact page, a phone number, and even a simple signup form to encourage web users to communicate with your business.  

Don’t overcomplicate the design

When it comes to the overall performance and aesthetic of your design, you want simplicity to take the driver’s seat.  Overcomplicated designs turn users off, and they will abort your pages for the next best thing.  

Think simple.  Add a stationary navigation setup for movement throughout your site map.  People are familiar with this setup, and they won’t have any trouble finding their way around your website with a stationary navigation bar to guide them. To learn more about professional design take a look at the website design company San Francisco.

Design to please mobile users

Mobile users make up more than half of all users online at any given time, so you have to consider the differences in display while working through your website design.  Mobile optimization is simple if you know what aspects of your design make the most impact. 

Take the time to research what really makes a website fit for mobile users, and craft pages that display well and engage those web users exploring with their smartphone or tablet.  

Learn all about the concepts of SEO 

Do the necessary research to make the term SEO mean something to you.  Search engines drive traffic on the internet, and SEO will teach you how to make your business stand out on Google.  

Search engine optimization is all about optimizing your operation’s digital content in such a way that it lands first in the results list when users are looking for something relevant to your operation.