To make sure your e-commerce brand stays in the game, you need to get new customers and attract old to keep coming back. Securing business growth requires marketing your brand aggressively. Make sure you are continuously investing in both paid and non-paid marketing tactics that can help you convert top-of-funnel traffic into sales and customers. The approaches you choose can go from focusing on organic traffic and SEO; using social media ads to drive targeted traffic, to embracing new technology.

Moreover, once you start making money, you also need to optimize your day-to-day work. Using tools to keep your business efficient will make time for your team to focus on the vital tasks. For creating a bespoke ecommerce website, get in link with the proficient eCommerce Agency in London.

So, if you are ready to beat out your competition and increase sales, follow these three comprehensive strategies to continue growing your e-commerce business successfully.

Continuously take care of your customers and implement services to improve customer loyalty.

Have you ever wonder how likely a customer is to recommend your product or service to a friend? If you haven’t by now, you should. Loyal customers make e-commerce profitability sustainable. Use NPS score to measures how likely a customer is to recommend your product or service to a friend. Take special care of the customers you already have by giving discounts. Offer them discounts like buy one get one free. Also, offer loyal customer rewards by giving customers loyalty cards, entitling them to free services or products for every ten things they buy.

Customer service is one of the most important things, it can really make or break your business. Therefore, optimizing customer service enables your customers to complete their buyer’s journey seamlessly. Invest in solutions that can help you improve your customer services, increase your business productivity, and boost your customer satisfaction rates. If you use Shopify or Magento for your e-commerce store, you should definitely try Zendesk or a Zendesk alternative which will allow you to manage your customer’s needs with ease.

No matter how much intimidated you feel by sophisticated technology, always use it for business growth.

A rapid increase in return on investment is reported by marketers and businesses who have adopted different technologies and solutions to make their marketing strategies more efficient. Business automation is not just a luxury; it is a necessity in today’s competitive environment. Moreover, with so much data at hand, e-commerce businesses must apply useful data analytics when making high-impact business decisions. Collecting, combining, integrating, and analyzing online purchase activities and customer behaviors on your site can be used to scale up your business and deliver enhanced services to your customers.

If you are a non-technical type of person, narrowing down big data to the information that is most relevant to your business, might seem intimidating. However, some solutions can help you. A platform like Panoply, for example, replaces the need for an extensive data infrastructure. It makes it easy for your business to consolidate all of your data, including integrations like MongoDB and Looker and quickly drawing conclusions without any custom scripts or programming. Remember, having the right intelligence will give you the power to make decisions in real-time. Using technology will help you enhance your existing product lines and develop products that your customer base wants. It will improve customer retention, and gain an edge over their competition.

Do not underestimate the well-known digital marketing strategies.

E-mail marketing

With so many new ways of reaching prospects, you may wonder who still reads e-mails? The short answer is – everyone. Even though social media and chat apps are at the pick of their popularity, e-mail remains to be the number one communication channel.

E-mail is the most effective form of reaching out to your customer base, therefore is one of your brand’s most profitable channel. To effectively reach your audience, provide useful and quality content within your e-mails. Use customer data to create a personalized message and offer valuable promotions. When using e-mail to market a product or service, also give information on what your business is doing. Give news on new products, and always offer transparent info about your company. Moreover, you’ll have to make sure that the subscribers are looking forward to reading (and continue to receive) your e-mails, so be sure to optimize your e-mail subject lines and email copy to achieve that. The best way to do it – keep them short, personalized, and genuine.

Importantly, continually look to grow your e-mail list with quality leads. It is something that you own, and it supports repeat purchases. For an e-commerce business, being able to contact customers and encourage repeat purchases directly is more important than ever. Also, segment your database. This way, your e-mail campaigns become much more targeted to your audience.

Social Media

Social media is a robust marketing tool. However, it gives e-businesses a great possibility to market in a more personal way, quickly reaching prospects and customers. Using this tool helps your brand generate engagement and interaction. It significantly boosts traffic to your website and enables you to increase your customer base. Moreover, being active in a structured way on different social media platforms will allow you to diversify your abilities and efforts.

However, to make the most out of it, you need to understand which strategy best feets the channel you choose. For example, Facebook requires an active marketing strategy. It allows you to make friendly interaction with your prospects. Use Facebook ad strategy because it can have a significant impact on your organic Facebook presence. Twitter gives you the possibility to broadcast your updates across the internet. To make the most out of it, engage in following tweeters in your or related industry. This way, you will be able to gain a consistent stream of followers. Interact with customers (and prospects) as much as possible and retweet when a customer has something good to say about you. It will help you immensely to build your following. According to recent research, 60% of users discover products on Instagram. So, you have to establish a robust Instagram presence if you don’t want to miss out on tons of sales.

Remember, when using social media to market your brand, your outreach efforts must be consistent and unified with your company’s communication style. Doing so will create trust within your audience.

Content Marketing

Create quality and unique content for your e-commerce website. Makes sure it easily resonates with your audience and makes them want to interact with you. You want them to stay connected and make purchases over and over again. So the best way to ensure that your audience is receiving the information that matters to them is to use content marketing. Attract your target audience and educate prospects about your product(s) by creating online material like blog posts, videos, infographics, images, or customer testimonials. Be creative! Content marketing is not used for direct selling, but as a way to raise awareness about your brand. Also, content is one of the three most significant ranking factors. By creating quality and in-demand content, you can easily rank in Google, which in turn can send you traffic on autopilot.