A lot of high resolution textures are used in modern web designing, textures add quality and beautify designs. Sky texture is ideal for all three-dimensional designs or even Photoshop images especially in rendering an exterior building scene.

So here in this time I have collected amazing free sky textures for designers. These images were released under creative commons license and may be used for you projects. However we recommend you to visit authors’ pages to see their terms of use.

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1. Night Sky Texture

Night Sky Texture

2. Sky Painting

Sky Painting

3. Texture: Sky

Texture: Sky

4. Shimmering Sky Texture

Shimmering Sky Texture

5. 4 Sky Texture Pack

4 Sky Texture Pack

6. Blue Sky Texture

Blue Sky Texture

7. Cloudly Sky Texture

Cloudly Sky Texture

8. Best Sky Texture for Free

Best Sky Texture for Free

9. Starry Night Texture

Starry Night Texture

10. Texture – Clouds

Texture - Clouds

11. Sky Texture in High Resolution

Sky Texture in High Resolution

12. Free Sky Texture for Download

Free Sky Texture for Download

13. Sky Texture Background Stock

Sky Texture Background Stock

14. Rice Paper Sky Textures

Rice Paper Sky Textures

15. Elegant Sky Texture for Free Download

Elegant Sky Texture for Free Download

16. 3 Stormy Sky Texture Pack

3 Stormy Sky Texture Pack

17. Awesome Sky Texture

Awesome Sky Texture

18. Sky Texture for Free

Sky Texture for Free

19. Free Sky Texture for Photoshop

Free Sky Texture for Photoshop

20. Sky Texture

Sky Texture

Have you selected at least one sky texture from the list which would fit in your projects? If yes then which of them?