Motion blur is an effect you will see in photographs of scenes where objects are moving. It is mostly noticeable when the exposure is long, or if objects in the scene are moving rapidly. Motion blur photography tries to captures this idea of movement through time.

The most interesting photos that use this technique keep the subject in focus while blurring out the rest of the scene. In case of moving the camera, the effect is called panning, where the subject stays sharp while the motion blur is seen in everything else. In order to succeed in producing this wonderful effect of motion blur, we have to use slow shutter speeds, or zooming.

Now to give it more attention here in this showcase, we presenting a extended collection of Motion Blur Photography in which all photographs are linked and lead to the source – the respective photographers. We hope you will like this amazing photography. Feel free to share your comments with us.

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27. Russian Ridge Mountain Bike

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28. Und Sie Dreht Sich Doch! – Nikolaus Kopernikus

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31. Blurred Motion – Ion Ride

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32. Blurred Umbrella Portrait

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