Long exposure photography involves leaving the shutter open for longer periods of time to allow more light to be captured. This technique is used by photographers to produce breathtaking results. Long exposure photography is very popular technique for photographers at different sills levels.

Everybody can find something interesting and unique in the process of doing long exposure shots and outcome sometimes surprises yourself. Here are 40 fantastic long exposure photography examples, hope you will find them inspiring!

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1. London Eye Long Exposure

London Eye Long Exposure

2. Long Exposure Glasgow

Long Exposure Glasgow

3. Fire Masamune

Fire Masamune

4. Long Exposure By EeRocKK

Long Exposure By EeRocKK

5. Handheld Long Exposure

Handheld Long Exposure

6. S-Bend


7. The Force of Photography

The Force of Photography

8. Reeds Lake Long Exposure

Reeds Lake Long Exposure

9. Long Exposure at La Ronde – 1

Long Exposure at La Ronde - 1

10. IR Race

IR Race

11. Long Exposure by babi8oiblu

Long Exposure by babi8oiblu

12. In Car Entertainment in Dubai

In Car Entertainment in Dubai

13. Long Exposure

Long Exposure

14. Glow Poi, The Big Rock at Hendry’s

Glow Poi, The Big Rock at Hendry's

15. Long Exposure by Arekusandru

Long Exposure by Arekusandru

16. Long Exposure Pictures

Long Exposure Pictures

17. One Night in Paris

One Night in Paris

18. Night Watcher

Night Watcher

19. Whirling Around and Around

Whirling Around and Around

20. Night Life 3

Night Life 3

21. North Street Portrait

North Street Portrait

22. Long Exposure Train

Long Exposure Train

23. How Long is My Exposure?

How Long is My Exposure

24. Exposure By Babi8oiblu

Exposure By babi8oiblu

25. World Outside My Head

World Outside my Head

26. Long Exposure

Long Exposure Photo

27. Stars Over Broad Street

Stars Over Broad Street

28. Blue Smoke

Blue Smoke

29. Star Trails

Star Trails

30. Long Exposure Test

Long Exposure Test

31. Brighton Pier Rides

Brighton Pier Rides

32. Road Long Exposure – Night

Road Long Exposure - Night

33. Gallery of Modern Art

Gallery of Modern Art

34. Light Graffiti Sketch

Light Graffiti Sketch

35. Ferris Wheel Long Exposure in HDR

Ferris Wheel Long Exposure in HDR

36. Long Exposure Fun 2

Long Exposure Fun 2

37. Night Forms

Night Forms

38. Time Warp

Time Warp

39. Long Exposure Green Party

Long Exposure Green Party

40. Long Exposure Embers2

Long Exposure Embers2

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