Photo manipulation is an art to show designers skill and creative artforms. It is one of the most popular application areas in which adobe photoshop is used more often. Generally spoken, any work done on manipulating of photographs could be called a photo manipulation art. You know creativity and imagination are the first step of these kind of photo manipulations and of course then comes the technical knowledge.

Here are 32 excellent examples of photo manipulated images from extremely talented photoshop artists.

You may have missed:

1. Fishy Island

Fishy Island

2. Extravaganza


3. Desperation


4. Medusa


5. One Bark Two Stings

One Bark Two Stings

6. Nereid


7. Conception Design Platinum 11

Conception Design Platinum 11

8. Help!


9. Revelation Fields

Revelation Fields

10. The Fire Lord

The Fire Lord

11. Room of the Horror

Room of the Horror

12. Truck


13. Breeding Out Of Battery

Breeding Out Of Battery

14. Like a Bird

Like a Bird

15. Zip City

Zip City

16. Work on The Sea

Work on The Sea

17. Smoke On The Water

Smoke On The Water

18. Yellow Boot

Yellow Boot

19. Wet Dreams On Open Waters

Wet Dreams On Open Waters

20. Comb


21. Aqua Custodia

Aqua custodia

22. Melt, Club

Melt, Club

23. Wall Waterfall

Wall Waterfall

24. Migration


25. Selfreflect


26. Pasta Hotline

Pasta Hotline

27. Autodrinker


28. Urban Environment

Urban Environment

29. Gustavo Lacerda

Gustavo Lacerda

30. Shaq


31. Fish In The Spotlight

Fish In The Spotlight

32. Isolation


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