Advertisements play an important role in marketing a product or service. Brochures are cost-effective print products that people use for their marketing campaigns. If placed at strategic locations or mailed to the correct people, brochures are guaranteed to not only convince them to read the copy. Additionally, modern brochure designs need to be easy to read while still being eye-catching. Above all, custom brochures can be ideal in spreading your message to prospects and also they are a comparatively inexpensive promotional option.

The ability to embody the spirit of the client and the identity of the company in a mere paper brochure is what makes it memorable, and is proof of a good design. In this post, I’ve compiled a list of 30 creative brochure design examples that are some of the best brochure design styles around. Feel free to browse through these brochure designs and let these cool ideas inspire your next print projects!

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1. InvestLink Identity Design

InvestLink Identity Design

2. Baraka Restaurant Brochure

Baraka Restaurant Brochure

3. Brochure Design Portfolio

Brochure Design Portfolio

4. Waterfront Brochure

Waterfront Brochure

5. Payless Brochure

Payless Brochure

6. Brochure Design (BACVA)

Brochure Design (BACVA)



8. Set Brochure+Trifold+B.Card

Set Brochure+Trifold+B.Card

9. Sevenpee Brochure Design

Sevenpee Brochure Design

10. Annual Report Brochure

Annual Report Brochure

11. Xceed Brochure

Xceed Brochure

12. US Financial Brochure Design

US Financial Brochure Design

13. Broşür Tasarımı – Brochure Design

Broşür Tasarımı - Brochure Design

14. AVG Anti-Virus Brochure

AVG Anti-Virus Brochure

15. VMK Brochure Design

VMK Brochure Design

16. Church Brochure

Church Brochure

17. Tutoring Center Brochure

Tutoring Center Brochure

18. Roundhouse Brochure

Roundhouse Brochure

19. Influence Masterpiece Launch Brochure

Influence Masterpiece Launch Brochure

20. Wellington House Brochure

Wellington House Brochure

21. A4 Portrait Book & Brochure

A4 Portrait Book & Brochure

22. Kanoo Freight – Brochure

Kanoo Freight - Brochure

23. British Council Corporate Brochure

British Council Corporate Brochure

24. Buick Enclave Brochure

Buick Enclave Brochure

25. Lily Pond Project Brochure

Lily Pond Project Brochure

26. Nova Brochure

Nova Brochure

27. Office National des Forets Brochure

Office National des Forets Brochure

28. Brochure for a Textile Company

Brochure for a Textile Company

29. Farmers Market Brochure

Farmers Market Brochure

30. Best of Brochure Design

Best of Brochure Design

Hope you will have like them. Are there any more brochure designs you’d like to suggest for any particular industry not mentioned in the post? Let me know what you think by commenting below!

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