The Logo Design series is up and running! We’re thinking ahead and we want to find new ways to sort these listings. Last, few days ago I have published a very creative heart logos and black and white logos. Hope you will have like them. So, today’s post I’m going to share with you beautiful butterfly logo designs for your logo designing inspiration.

Butterfly logo symbolizes splendor, nature, optimism, stamina, independent soul, modification as well as life in a wider perspective. It is a joy to watch a butterfly, its constantly changing colors, its lightness and amazing dynamics. Enjoy a great and diverse selection of very well designed butterfly logos.

1. Logique Brain

Logique Brain

2. Pionita


3. Lumeco


4. Initiatives Logo WIP

Initiatives Logo WIP

5. Skin Care Logo

Skin Care Logo

6. Pastel Fly

Pastel Fly

7. Able Butterfly

Able Butterfly

8. Optician’s Shop Logo

Optician's Shop Logo

9. Beautyline


10. Beautifly


11. Moonfly


12. Butterfly


13. Butterfly Tree

Butterfly Tree

14. Appillon


15. East Paradise

East Paradise

16. Butterfly Sketch Idea

Butterfly Sketch Idea

17. Red Butterfly

Red Butterfly

18. Butterfly Logo Design

Butterfly Logo Design

19. Woman Flower Butterfly

Woman Flower Butterfly

20. Tutti I Fiori

Tutti I Fiori

21. Playful Faces

Playful Faces

22. Butterfly Media

Butterfly Media

23. Butterfly WIP

Butterfly WIP

24. Roberto Grandes

Roberto Grandes

25. Godsend Butterfly

Godsend Butterfly

26. Butterfly – Swimming School

Butterfly - Swimming School

27. Butterfly Code

Butterfly Code

We hope you all enjoy our logos gallery! What other logo design collection would you want to share with us?