Your company’s logo is basically the main tool for your business. Therefore, it should look attractive, clear in appearance and must be a good communicator. Hence, they seek the help of logo designers who are well versed in the field with the hope that they will be able to give them a truly genuine design that reflects the nature of the company. Another interesting logo design that we would like to share with you today is lighthouse logo.

A lighthouse is a structure built to radiate light to help seamen find their way around. Today’s post I’m going to share with you cool lighthouse logo designs for your inspiration. I hope that you will inspired from these lighthouse logos gallery. So, feel free and share your comments with us. You may be interested in the following posts: circular logos, leaf logos and bear logos.

1. Lighthouse Architecture

Lighthouse Architecture

2. True Health Family Chiropractic

True Health Family Chiropractic

3. Lighthouse


4. Sea Business

Sea Business

5. Emperialis


6. North Forty Web Studio

North Forty Web Studio



8. Lighthouse Logo

Lighthouse Logo

9. Rogers & Gray

Rogers & Gray

10. Lighthouse Logo Design

Lighthouse Logo Design

11. Cool Lighthouse Logo

Cool Lighthouse Logo

12. Early Logo Work

Early Logo Work

13. Ocean Tower Lighthouse

Ocean Tower Lighthouse

14. ZI – Logo Design

ZI - Logo Design

15. Flighthouse_1


16. Beacon of Life

Beacon of Life

17. Bruce County Public Library

Bruce County Public Library

18. Cowbay


19. Snug Harbor

Snug Harbor

20. SafeCape


21. Elegant Lighthouse Logo

Elegant Lighthouse Logo

22. Sun Light House

Sun Light House

23. Righthouse


24. Brisbane Pathway

Brisbane Pathway

25. Thatcher’s Island Lighthouses

Thatcher's Island Lighthouses

26. Free Spirit Cruises Logo

Free Spirit Cruises Logo

27. Lighthouse Marketing System

Lighthouse Marketing System

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