Sliders are an excellent way to organize and highlight important content on a site. Using slideshows or sliders within a web design is an effective method of highlighting your portfolio, projects etc. There are many reasons to use sliders in your web designs as the key to smart strategic web design is finding a smartest and interactive way to display.

However, off late certain interactive sliders are being designed keeping in mind the users’ propensity of exchanging views with people all over the globe online. In order to give you some inspiration, so here I’ve summarized an inspirational collection of truly amazing sliders incorporated in web designs. So let’s have a look bellow and give us your feedback through your nice comments. Enjoy.

For more resources please see:

1. Atelier


2. Rodania


3. Grow Interactive

Grow Interactive

4. Backyard Burgers

Backyard Burgers

5. LBD Society

LBD Society

6. Annual Report

Annual Report

7.  Mathieu Clauss

Mathieu Clauss

8. Studio Chirpy

Studio Chirpy

9. Mark Dearman

Mark Dearman

10. Converse


11. Boerdam


12. Neve Hawk

Neve Hawk

13. Elless


14. Level


15. BigEye Creative

BigEye Creative

16. Hm Andrei

Hm Andrei

17. Visitphilly


18. The Daily

The Daily

19. Escape Module Studio

Escape Module Studio

20. Planoform


21. Banneton


22. Marcs Design

Marcs Design

23. Berlin Musik kalender

Berlin Musik kalender

24. PUMA


25. Instrument


Hope you will have liked these awesome websites examples. As usual, feel free to suggest other cool examples in the comments.