If you are a graphic designer or website developer, you are in regular need of quality graphics. It is advisable to own a collection of different types of graphic elements as you never know which client will need what and when. And having a collection will also allow you to demonstrate to a client that you take your work seriously. We recommend you try out GraphicStock.com to get your graphic files.

GraphicStock.com is a stock graphics website which enables members to download unlimited stock graphics, stock images, buttons, icons, backgrounds, textures and other such files against both a subscription fee and also for free.

There are two types of paid subscription offers. One costs $69 for a month and allows you unlimited downloads. The second one is on a per year basis. It will cost you $828 and again you can download unlimited files.

The free subscription, on the other hand, allows you to download 20 images per day for a period of one week. This is a good way to test out their services before buying a subscription pack.

Some of the important features of GraphicStock are discussed below.

Unlimited downloads

I have said above that the paid plans offer unlimited downloads for particular time periods. Unlike many other stock photo agencies which allow you to download only a fixed number of files per day even when you are a paid customer, GraphicStock allows you to download any number of images you like. There are no restrictions.

No hidden costs

Some stock photo agencies claim that their stock is royalty-free and can be used in any kind of project but they also have it written in fine print something like – you must conform to the copyright rules of individual files. GraphicStock, on the other hand, has no such nonsensical strings attached and when they say all their files are royalty free they mean they are royalty free. You just have to pay once and that’s it.

Continuously updated stock

Their stock collection is being updated regularly and continuously with fresh content. As of writing of this article they owned more than 50,000 files of different sorts.

Yours truly

Unlike other stock photo agencies which impose conditions on your usage, GraphicStock poses no such barriers. On other stock photo sites you may bump into files which are allowed to be used on a website but not on a book cover, allowed to be used as a logo but not as an image, allowed to be … you get the picture.

On the other hand, the files hosted on GraphicStock are truly yours. What I mean by that is, once you download any file from their website you are free to use it on literally any place you want. This feature holds even after you cancel your subscription.

If in an unhappy situation you are not satisfied with their services or you simply happened to change your mind, you can request for a refund. Refunds can be requested within 30 days from the day your subscription started and provided you have not downloaded any graphics