It is not enough that you develop and design your website through WordPress platform. The WordPress platform offers many features and functionalities to extend it to get your desired output. Free WordPress themes are one of the hot topic in search engine because nowadays most people are searching for nice and free WordPress themes.

It can take a lot of time to find a nice-looking free WordPress theme, but what if we give you some of the best all in one place? So, here I’m very pleased to compile this top free wordpress themes 2013 download for your daily and future use. They are all simple to use and customize ensuring that you can easily convey a unique style and brand on your site.

Hope this collection of free WordPress themes may help you in your next project and remove the burden of searching free themes over the internet. You may want to take a look at the following related articles: Free Tools For Webmasters, Carrot Logo Designs Ideas, Modern Corporate Landing Pages and Free WordPress Themes.

1. Contango: Free WordPress Theme

Contango: Free WordPress Theme

2. zeeDynamic


3. Unique Theme

Unique Theme

4. Mesocolumn


5. Ready Review Theme

Ready Review Theme

6. Waterside


7. Sueva


8. BizStudio


9. Looming


10. Prana


11. My World with Grass and Dew

My World with Grass and Dew

12. Boot Store

Boot Store

13. Innovative


14. Ward


15. Frontier Theme

Frontier Theme

16. Terrifico


17. PR News WordPress Theme

PR News WordPress Theme

18. Farad


19. Snaps


20. Magazine Style

Magazine Style

21. Marla


22. Cell WordPress Theme

Cell WordPress Theme