Depositphotos… Does this name sound familiar for you? Some may say yes and the others no. This microstock website has reputation in the world of buying and selling images online. This company is still developing and aiming to be able to gain worldwide reputation; and they begin to step on it. The fact is this website has reputed as the fastest-growing microstock agency on the internet. What makes the title and what do they offer to us? Let us review some things to know from Depositphotos.

The Fastest-Growing Microstock Agency

Depositphotos was founded in 2009 by Dmitry Sergiev who was working for file sharing website depositfiles. He then quitted and launched depositphotos. Although this website faced so many obstacles at their early years, they managed to survive and become successful just like today.

In just two years after it was founded, Depositphotos successfully gained more than 5 million images added into its library. And now, only 2 years after that record, the number has multiplied about 3 times; giving this company reputation as the fastest-growing microstock agency.  It is also recorded as one of the websites standing on rank 6 in Google Pagerank.

The Collection

In beginning of the business, Depositphotos provided only two kinds of stock files: photos and vectors. In 2012, they extend their service by allowing stock footages / videos to be sold and bought. Although the number of their stock video files is not as much as photos and vectors, this addition can add more value to their business.

Cartoon owls From

Spring tree green with birds From

Now, when the number of their library significantly increases, the number for each stock file has also increased. From the total number of current collection (15 million), 12.5 millions are stock photos, almost 2 millions are stock vector images, and about 500 thousands are stock videos.

Buyers and Contributors

More than 1 million happy customers have trusted Depositphotos as their images solution. The customers of this website are divided into buyers and contributors, which each has different account to do buying or selling. Registering into a buyer account is the most basic thing you can do to buy images from this site. Besides that, sometimes you can also get some free images if there is promotion or special program. Registering is free, just the transaction which needs cash. On the other hand, you can also register for contributor account if you are an artist and believe that your artwork can be sold well. To be accepted as one of the contributors, you must first upload some files to be assessed. If your works are good enough, then you will be accepted and will be able to start uploading stock files to be sold.


The prices for stock files in Depositphotos can be categorized as affordable. For stock images (photos or vectors), you can get them starting from $ 0.15 and for stock videos starting from $ 10. Those prices sometimes can also get discounts depending on the promos that Depositphotos give on several occasions. You can also pick prices that suit your need by selecting the right plans and subscription mode.

It is not exaggerating if we say that Depositphotos is in the list of the best choices for image solution. This company will grow and in the upcoming years we may be able to see them become the best, of course, if they can maintain and improve their effort, innovation, and great services.