Wanting to attract more guests to your hotel? Stop! You’ve come to the right place. Here are some tried and tested tips that will make digital marketing for hotels easier than ever before.

Social media marketing

First up, it’s time to get social! Forget what you’ve heard – if your hotel’s not on social media yet, it’s time to make some changes. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram… the list is endless. Choose one social platform, or choose several – they’re all great for hotel marketing. Just make sure you update your accounts on a regular basis with the latest hotel offers, promotions, and content that your visitors will want to read. SEO agency Lilo can ensure you’re using social media the right way. Getting it wrong can damage your online reputation.

Email marketing

The first thing to understand is that hotels should have separate email lists, one for their past customers and one for potential customers. Some information suitable to previous patrons of hotels won’t make sense when sent to someone who has never stayed there before, so it’s always worth using separate lists to maximize conversions. Hotel marketing doesn’t just revolve around the hotel itself, and when sending out emails hotels want to highlight things to do in the surrounding area. Remember, they’re competing with hotels throughout the world, not just in the local area. Before someone decides to book into a hotel they first must decide the city, state, or country they’ll visit.

Hotel internet marketing is hot at the moment, so people should start sending out more emails than usual to see how their lists react. If hotels email more frequently, they’ll always be top of mind when a customer is ready to decide where to stay. If someone has stayed somewhere before, it’s worth sending them vouchers for free days or upgrades through email. It might be worth testing the same approach with potential customers, but at least with past customers, a hotel knows they’re potentially gaining a loyal patron for years to come.

Local SEO

Next up, you’ll need to enhance your local presence. After all, what’s the point of having a hotel if prospective guests can’t find you, right? Your goal here is to manage your local presence on search engines, local citations, maps, and business directories, and optimizing your site with title tags, footers, meta-data, and images to improve your rankings on the search engines. The result? More visitors, more sales, and more profit. Did you know that a whopping 3 out of 5 people now use their mobile device to search for information? And that 80% of local searches on these devices lead to a purchase?

Mobile marketing

As Google continues to change its algorithms to place a greater emphasis on mobile search, you’ll need to adapt your websites accordingly. Good hotel internet marketing will involve making your pages more mobile-friendly can be a great way to drum up more business and decrease your website’s ‘bounce rate’ – the number of people who leave your site because pages don’t load properly or won’t display correctly on mobile devices.