Whether you’re running a small local business or a large-scale company, you need to highlight your presence online. In the context of a digitally developed world, social media presence appears to be a valuable asset. It drives brand awareness, allowing your business to expand and enter new markets. However, as more brands try to catch that bandwagon, social media distributing channels are becoming harder to master. And when crafting your brand identity on social media, you need to focus on some critical points. 

Provide valuable content

When users arrive at your profile, they go through the content first. And if it is incomprehensive, useless, and dull, your chances to appeal are little. The information you place on your profile should be meaningful and suitable. Ideally, you need to disclose educational, valuable, and inspirational topics relevant to your business niche. Avoid too professional or complicated slang unless you ensure your target audience understands the information effortlessly. Another important thing is to optimize your textual content using relevant hashtags. Hashtags can significantly increase brand awareness and bring you new audiences, highlighting your social media presence.

Post regularly

Social media users are online every day. Thus being here for them with regular content is a must. Don’t post nonsense only for the ratings. Create a content calendar, and consider the topics you can cover. Consistent, regular posting retains users and keeps them always interested.

Create a visual

Once you decide on the content, you need to organize it and enhance it with visuals. Since users engage better with posts that include images, adding them on your social media is beneficial. Employ only high-quality visuals because bad quality photographs or stock images can deteriorate the whole impression and alienate users. Ultimately, make sure that your account looks like a consistent unity rather than a chunk of standalone posts. Use social media pre-built formats and frames to smooth the overall profile layout.

Be authentic

Each brand has a purpose and mission behind it. And when customers look at your social media profile, they want to know what it’s all about. Thus, state your purpose, business values, and mission directly and clearly. Make sure your social media account is a part of your brand. If you have a logo, then use it as your profile picture. Ensure your profile name coincides with that of your brand. Give a short self-presentation in your bio. Here, you can also provide a link to your website or other platforms to form that big picture of your business. Social media branding provides users with a holistic experience when they interact with you. And consistency forms favorable impressions.

Maintain consistency

If you have multiple social media platforms, you need to maintain consistency across all of them. Each should contribute to your brand identity and be distinguishable yet identical to others. If your brand has some distinct markers, then include them in your social media platforms. Use the same colors and design, make your logo recognizable on the cover photos of your accounts.

Don’t be afraid of trends

Social media trends are constantly changing, but they should be incorporated into your performance. Trends can help you to stay relevant, keeping pace with the current state. And that is important for each brand that bends its steps toward success. Still, don’t employ all the trends you encounter. Be legible, and implement only those that suit your business policy. Trends are temporal, but your brand reputation is perpetual.

Make relations, not sales

When a business doesn’t seem to be mere commerce but focuses mostly on its clientele’s needs and interests, it brings customer-brand relations to a higher level. Such an approach is capable of raising a whole community. Make your business human-like. Don’t construct sales – build relationships with your followers. Encourage users to share their ideas, to participate in your performance, and ask them for feedback. Connect with the audience, answer their questions and their comments. Such a way of communicating evokes a sense of belonging and a positive emotional resonance among the clientele.

Social media online presence takes time and effort to be built. But it’s necessary for brands that want to expand their influence and bring their businesses to another, more prolific level.