No matter how big your restaurant business is, it’s very unlikely that you as an owner would be happy to keep things steady. The reality is that due to the constant rotation of opening-closing places and customer loyalty being out of sight, the competition in the foodservice industry remains huge. What to do to make sure the things keep on going and gain new customers? One of the best practices is to become more visible for a wider audience and starting a restaurant blog is a good move. Here is what you should know before stepping in.

Not the Bread Alone

Undoubtedly, people go out to have drinks or dinner but is it the only thing that the place can offer? Is food the only factor one considers when choosing a spot for dining out? The answer to both questions is no. The people are looking for the experiences accompanied by fancy food and craft cocktails, and it is with a little help of social network posts how they get to know about them. Calendars for upcoming events, sign-up pages for participation in the activities, recipes, and tips on cooking – you name what you can write about.

Although informing is one of the primary benefits of having a blog, check these positive side effects.

Going Up the Google Ladder

It’s obvious that you want your spot to be noticed among others, and writing an informative, entertaining, and catchy posts can help in climbing up the Google Reviews page. If you can handle both writing SEO friendly texts every here and then and take good care of the spot – perfect! If not, you can always get writing help at UK Edubirdie in case you see SEO as a meaningless three-letter combination. Whatever path you choose, remember the pasta rule: don’t overdo it.

Getting Closer to Community

As with any business, not collaborating with the community can turn you into an outsider. Can you smell the most likely outcome of this? That’s right, chances are you might end up being forgotten. To avoid it, you need to figure out how your business can benefit the people who live close by. Planning a charity dinner? Let the people know about the cause. How about supporting the local artists by displaying their works? Whatever you choose, dropping a line about it will help to build the brand image. 

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Even if you are a bar owner and your place is heaven with many, many spirits, you don’t want your customers to abuse the consumption and develop a bad habit. That’s why promoting healthy and classy lifestyle is among other benefits of a blog. What does it say about you as the owner? Probably, that you favor quality over quantity. Or that you know what to eat and drink to stay full, lean, and satisfied. Or that you love writing in between designing menus. Another perk is that you can have feedback from the people who are interested in food culture, which will give you the idea about your customers’ expectations. A helpful aspect to consider if you want to go beyond them.

Having a blog about your place is definitely a great thing to have as a tool to stay on top of the trends and be aware of the customers’ preferences. However, following some tips will definitely improve this practice.

  • First, delegating the blog writing to influencers or bloggers might save you a lot of time and be an effective marketing tool. However, abusing or speeding things up might have a totally opposite effect, the experts say. 
  • Second, most blogs is one-way communication. Building it two-ways will definitely add to its authenticity.

And the last one. The beautiful words and funny stories mean a little if people don’t find the highest quality of service they deserve.

Sandra Larson is a blogger with hands-on experience in service production since 2014. She’s best known for writing tips on how to increase the customer satisfaction level through analyzing and enhancing the customer journey. Sandra’s main focus is the influence marketing and the ways to build positive and genuine review feed.