I will be thankful to the user community who is using my classes to their projects. User feedback in the form of comments or email is very important for the new and advanced versions of scripts.

PHP File Download Script

A new version 1.1 has been released for PHP File Download Class. The major update in the this version is the capability of download support for the files who are in the nested directories like “/dir1/dir2/dir3/file.jpg” within “download_path”. So the users can arrange their downloads in the more understandable and flexible format. For example, i am arranging the main trunk of classes in the format,

  • chip_download/1.1.zip
  • chip_download/1.0.zip
  • chip_password_generator/1.2.zip
  • chip_password_generator/1.0.zip

I hope it will help a lot of all users who are using Chip File Download Class.

PHP Password Generator Class

I will be thankful to “Ali Edrees” who gave his comments at “Random Password Generator Class Forum Thread” at phpclasses.org. New version 1.2 of Chip Password Generator Class includes,

  • Inclusion of every selected input to the generated random string/password instead of general randomization
  • Avoid character repetition of selected input in the generated random string/password

Don’t forget to give your valuable comments and try new online demo of Chip Password Generated class.