Generating random password is a basic requirement while writing codes and modules that are related to user management. Today i am going to share a flexible and easy to use php class to generate random passwords. Class takes 4 different inputs to build a password.

  1. Upper Case Letters: (A-Z)
  2. Lower Case Letters: (a-z)
  3. Numbers: (0-9)
  4. Symbols: Valid characters

Feature, that i love for this class is freedom and flexibility of using above four inputs. You can make any combination of your own choice to make the password simpler to stronger.  You can choose,

  • Upper Case Letters only
  • Lower Case Letters only
  • Both Upper and Lower Case Letters only
  • Numbers only
  • Symbols only
  • bla bla bla

This freedom and independence of nature makes this class unique, powerful, flexible and must have for programmers, developers, blogger and other users. I hope you will like this password generator freeware class. Let’s have a look into official page of Chip Password Generator class for demo and download.

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