Billing programs are a vital tool for freelancers and small business owners, since they, in addition to managing the business, are required to carry out the billing and accounting of their company. This type of program allows invoicing systems, in a very simple way, to keep accounts up to date and to keep track of billing, essential tasks for the proper functioning of the business.

Billing programs are increasingly necessary for small entrepreneurs, as they allow them to save time and money, fulfilling a large number of functions. In addition, the free billing software – despite having limitations – are the perfect solution for those SMEs that do not have the necessary budget to have a paid one.

Also, these billing systems have the great advantage that they include tools that allow managing other aspects such as accounting, bank account management, tax information or customer management.

Top Billing and Invoicing Software

1. Ooti

OOTY is the present most brilliant task of board programming. It doesn’t make a difference in the event that you are a free laborer, you complete a startup, a little organization or an enormous organization; OOTI will assist you with following activities, time, assets, and funds.

You will have the option to extricate all the data and noteworthy investigation to settle on better choices for your business.

2. Chargebee

Chargebee is repeating charging and membership in board programming for SaaS and membership organizations. With a ground-breaking REST API, worked in reconciliations with basic business instruments like Zendesk, Salesforce, Intercom, Slack, Xero, and backing for installment passages in excess of 50 nations, the item deals with the whole membership life pattern of customers from charging and installment stub issuance to income recuperation and bookkeeping. Sponsored by Accel Partners and Tiger Global, Chargebee serves in excess of 7,000 customers in 53 nations.

3. Sellsy

Sellsy is a modular and ready-to-use e-commerce, ERP and CRM management solution.With this online application you can effectively control the entire cycle of your customer relationships: prospecting, sales, billing, customer monitoring, marketing

4. Billwerk

Billwerk SaaS for subscription management and recurring billing allows you to manage, control and invoice any business model or product by subscription in a fully automated way, as well as make payments in a flexible, secure and reliable way. This software offers smart features to simplify and accelerate the sometimes-complex subscription business model processes.

5. ProAbono

This is a membership of the executive’s stage for SaaS arrangements. The stage is intended to robotize all the means of the membership deals process.

The making of offers: The value motor assesses progressively the quantity of memberships, whatever the intricacy of the model!

What should be Considered when Choosing a Billing Program?

When choosing the electronic invoicing system, you have to pay attention to a series of characteristics to be able to determine which one best suit your needs:

  • It must be endorsed by the Tax Administration Service (SAT): it is essential that the online billing software you choose is endorsed by the SAT. Before choosing one, we recommend that you check the list of Authorized Certification Providers (PACs) as these are the only ones with the authority to issue valid CFDIs. 
  • Is it an online billing program or is it software that requires installation? Before deciding on a certain option, check how many devices you can access the software from. This problem does not occur with online billing programs, since being an Internet platform several people can access them simultaneously. If the program can only be used from the device where the software has been downloaded, this greatly complicates the billing processes. 
  • The billing system has to offer the function of storing certified CFDIs: Due to the obligation imposed by the SAT to keep certified CFDIs for at least three months, we recommend that you make sure that the billing system you choose stores them as minimum for 6 months. Cover your back for those cases in which doubts arise regarding invoices issued in the past. 
  • Pay attention to the security that the program offers: Be sure to ask where the information stored by the program will be saved to the invoice you choose; The Data Center of the service provider company must be located in national territory.
  • Check that the updates are free: It would not be fair that, if there are new developments in tax matters, the system you have chosen would make you pay for the changes they must introduce, since these are produced by legal mandate.
  • Make sure that the provider you choose has the capacity to support your company’s billing volume. 
  • Read the small print to avoid surprises: Check that the costs referred to are per stamped invoice, since only these will be legal.