Today, websites play a crucial role in business online marketing with companies that are not taking advantage of them being as good as dead.

To keep up with these ever-changing website trends, we shall look at 9 trends your website must follow to be successful in 2020 & beyond.

Hire A Professional Web Designer

This isn’t exactly a trend but a necessity for a successful website. While there are numerous templates for self-building websites such as Wix, we generally don’t advise users following the ‘built-it-yourself’ website solutions.

To be successful, you first need to hire a professional website designer that will ensure that you rank, attract visitors, provide a pleasant user experience and enhance the conversion rates.

Fast Load Time

In the past, massive website traffic was generated by web graphics and crisp background images.

Today, this strategy is over as the majority of web traffic, and Google searches come from smartphone devices. Lots of graphics and images backgrounds on the website increase the user load time, which might be annoying.

To avoid this, you should remove all the unnecessary motion graphics and images to decrease load times on mobile devices and desktop for more conversions and improved user experience.

Integrate A Facebook Pixel to Your Website

A Facebook pixel involves installing a short code snippet to your website that allows Facebook’s ad platform to begin tracking the user’s behaviors on your site. This is vital in retargeting advertising on Instagram and Facebook platforms.

Installing a Facebook Pixel on your website as soon as possible is essential as the more data Facebook gathers, the more effective and less costly your advertisement strategy will be.

Add Social Proof

Most people believe what others say about you rather than what you say. That is why in 2020, your website should include reviews, videos, and a portfolio as social proof. These social proofs should consist of real reviews from real customers telling prospective customers that you are the best.

Use Distinct Fonts and Color Palettes to Set Your Brand Apart

More businesses are now having online presence than ever before and this has made things difficult in trying to drive customers to your business site.

However, you can solve this by creating a memorable and unique brand that sets your business website apart from the rest. Make your website unique by using well-thought images, different color schemes, and distinct fonts.

Having CTA Before the Site Fold

Your Call to Action (CTA) should be the first thing that site visitors should see when visiting your site. A call to action before your websites fold means it should be on the view of the user without them having to scroll down the page. This significantly increases your website conversions by letting users understand what you offer.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Have Gained Increased Popularity

Since the announcement of this innovative framework technology by google in 2015, AMPs have proved to be valuable models for lots of web users.  By allowing Accelerated Mobile Pages to display a version of your web pages while removing all superfluous CSS and JavaScript from your website, the load times are reduced. Having an AMP integrated website gives users faster load speeds, server effectiveness, and enhanced mobility.

Content First, Design Second

With websites being meant to fulfill a particular purpose, both content and design are essential elements to help you achieve this. But the debate comes into determining which between these two should come first.

Contents include words, images, audio, annotations, and video, and it should come first. You should design your website with content in mind to accomplish the goals of the site effectively and quickly. 

Mobile-First Approach

In 2020, the majority of online transactions are done via mobile phones. Customers search and buy products online via smartphones.

And so, your website should be designed for compatibility with mobile devices.


For your business website to be successful, you need to change how it looks and functions. Following these top website trends will see your website thriving into 2020 and beyond.