It is the age of social media networks. Most of the people use different social media networks for different purposes like being connected with people, entertainment, business advertisement, and e-commerce.

Instagram is one of the most commonly used social media platform for promotion and business running processes. It offers multiple ways to promote and also earn more revenue from your business. It provides different online tools that help you to run your business successfully and make a great profit as much as you want. You can buy instant Instagram followers if you want instant results. Here we are going to describe some of the best Instagram tools that brand owners should use to increase their revenue.

1. Post Images

As we know that Instagram is a visual platform, so you should post the compelling and high-quality images of your brand on your timeline. The images should be creative, eye-catching and more highlighting the product that you want to promote. It will help you a lot to attract the viewers so that they buy your product and become the source to increase your business revenue.


Another way to capture the audience and followers on your Instagram page is It is the tool of Instagram that helps the business owners to capture the followers, like and views on their post by investing some money. They simply can buy the follows, like and views using You will be able to instantly buy promotion for Instagram.

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3. Instagram Ads

Instagram offers the facility of Ads services and packages for your brand promotion. It proves much clever source to invest in case your brand or business is new. The promotion plans and effective strategies to attract audiences offer a lot of support to increase your sale and generate the maximum revenue.

4. Grum

Grum is a tool on Instagram that helps the user to schedule the post from his computer. It allows the user to schedule the main and important post related their brand and promotion process so that it appears on their timeline on the specific time. It will be useful to appear the post presenting the offers on different events like Christmas, New Year or 4th of July. It proves the best way to generate high revenue on these occasions.


VSCO is an Instagram tool that allows the user to make interactive and stunning visual contents. It allows the business owners to edit images and videos so that they may create a professional and attractive look of their brands. It helps them to make the audience to buy their product and increase the revenue.

6. Canva

Canva is another Instagram tool that enables the user to design the beautiful and impressive art related their product. It allows the user to make logos, design images, and make different videos that will help them in promotion purpose and allow them to generate higher revenue.

7. Re-targeting

Instagram offers the opportunity to re-target the audience of their page. In other words, it allows the users to engage an audience who already had visited their website. It is well known that your best source of viewers is your existing audience. The people who follow your page and like your post are the great source of revenue. Instagram offers the facility to re-target such audience so that they watch the new post, buy the product and help them to make the revenue.

8. Story Sharing

Another good way to attract the viewers is story sharing. Posting the images about your brand is not enough to make people buy your product. The customer also demands the product should be in running form and the number people are actually using it. So, story sharing is a good way for this purpose. You can make videos and take pictures of your sale and the spot where your product being sold and share it on Instagram as a story.

9. Ouch

Ouch provides over 10 million illustrations, vector graphics and clipart ready to share. You can license them to use for Instagram and other social media networks. You can find animals, clothing, food illustrations, technology, and calendar clipart images there, all free to download for linking back to Ouch.

Well, utilize the above-described tools on Instagram and make your brand much popular to generate the maximum amount of revenue.