So, you’ve started to build a clientele and your small real estate agency is growing. Now what? Well, if you haven’t already, it’s time to build a website to manage your business.

Did you know 92 percent of people in the market for a home conduct online searches on a desktop and 60 percent use a mobile device or tablet for their searches? This isn’t to say that traditional real estate marketing principles should be forgotten, but they simply don’t have the same impact as digital marketing.

Before you can begin marketing your real estate listings, however,  you must design a great site. In this situation, it’s best to use a web template. If you’re looking to design your website using WordPress, here are some of the top themes for the job.

1. TM White Real Estate Theme

Clean and modern is typically the style you’re looking for with a great real estate site, and this theme fits the bill. There’s plenty of room for customizations and you can use WordPress Theme Customizer live preview, meaning you can see any changes live before saving them. It’s easy to install and looks beautiful when finished.

2. Real Places

This theme is particularly good for real estate websites because it’s niche specific, while capable of handling multiple roles. There’s enough flexibility for customization without ruining the flow of the site. One of the best aspects is that it allows your search feature to pair with Google Maps so visitors can see your website on a digital map.

3. Citilights

If your clientele consists primarily of contemporary, sophisticated buyers, then this theme offers a stylish finish. It uses parallax design and muted colors to carry the eyes of the web visitor…and it’s more than just pretty. This theme also offers an inclusive listing portal with dsIDXpress IDX plugin, so your MLS listing will display tremendously in your property listing portal.

4. Real Spaces

This theme is versatile and widely used by realtors because of its neutral style. It’s a fully responsive theme with 10 pre-built color schemes and unlimited color options. The final look is simple, and it’s very easy to use on both the front and back end.

5. Properta

Following the pattern of Boostrap’s responsive framework, this theme is designed with location in mind. It’s fully integrated with Google Maps, so users can view their properties and their proximities to other features. It’s also translation and WPML capable, so that those looking to deal in international real estate can get started quickly.

6. Realocation

This flat, but tasteful theme is integrated with Google Maps for easy property location. It’s also designed for easy addition of listings, which is perfect if you want to let your clients post their own properties to your site. There are also other user-friendly features, like a mortgage calculator.

7. Locality

This theme is great for mobile use, but it’s not short on features. As the name suggests, there’s a strong emphasis on location, and it’s equipped with Google Maps as a result. The front end use of the theme is great, which means your clients will have minimal trouble when considering properties.

8. WP Estate Responsive

If simplicity and functionality are what you’re looking for, then this premium, quality, responsive theme is for you. It includes more than 30 shortcodes, including different widgets, and your own customized Google Maps integration. It slides from listing to listing gracefully, and the template offers full flexibility for customization.

9. Vellum

This theme is a little different, but it’s clean and attractive. It offers customization and is fully responsive. It’s also SEO optimized, which is ideal if you’re just starting out and need rankings for your location.

10. Solus

If you’re a solo real estate agent, then this website theme is for you. You don’t need any web experience to set up your site and post your listings, because the backend of the theme is easy to use. There’s also an unlimited color scheme for personalization, and it’s equipped to handle both a global and local audience.