Are you running a website on WordPress? This CMS is super convenient with its endless functionality, but you must also be ready for some issues regarding security and locking yourself out.

An unbelievable 20% of all small businesses get hacked every year. That’s one of the reasons you must be extra careful with your website and have a backup plan. And here’s why you come to need a WordPress backup service.

When you browse through the market, you’ll see a huge choice. Varying in their sets of features as well as their prices, all these options make your choice quite complicated. And with years’ experience in running websites with WordPress, we’re here to help you decide between them.

The list goes as below:

  1. 10Web Backup
  2. BlogVault
  3. BackupBuddy
  4. VaultPress
  5. BackUpWordPress
  6. UpdraftPlus
  7. Duplicator

10Web Backup

Price: FREE

This is one of the few backup services that are totally free in the full premium version. And for a free service, it does have plenty to offer. Flexible backup scheduling means you can choose which parts you want to back up on a regular basis and when exactly. Full and differential backups allow you to either save full backups or get differential ones to save some storage space and avoid overloading the server.

You also get to decide the storage location: your hard drive, personal cloud storage, FTP, free 10Web Cloud Storage on Amazon S3, or wherever you prefer.

Customer care is available 24/7 through live chat, a separate support system, and the WordPress Family Facebook community.

It only takes one click to restore the version you want to revert to from the backup log that’s available to you.

Plus, there’s a built-in security service and staging environment to test whatever you want before pushing it to the live version of your website.


Price: $89-$1499/year

BlogVault is a popular solution with separate plans for all sizes of businesses.

Automatic backups are done on a daily basis, and you can have on-demand ones whenever you need them. There are also plans for real-time backup that are about 3x more expensive than the daily backup plans.

Offsite backups are offered so that the service doesn’t overload your server. And incremental backups serve the same purpose, saving your storage space in the meantime.

BlogVault saves your archives for 90 days so you have plenty of time to decide if you want/need to bring one of these versions back.

BlogVault also has pretty good perks such as an integrated staging site and uptime monitoring for some of the plans.

If you get to catch one of their special deals, BlogVault can be a good choice.


Price: $80-$199

A pretty simple and easy-to-use plugin. Every time I’ve checked the website, there has been a great discount deal, so check for yourself before you choose one of these services.

Automatic backups are available on custom schedule and you get to customize the parts you want backuped.

There’s a built-in tool called ImportBuddy for easy restorations.

BackupBuddy has a security service as well. And one of the perks is that you can set up instant email notifications here.


Price: $39-$299

An affordable backup service that works for big agencies and super popular websites as well. It’s the tool that the WPBeginner Blog uses for its own site, so you have an authority to follow here.

VaultPress offers a great combination of backup and security-related features, such as malware scans, protection against brute-force attacks, etc.

The storage space is unlimited, and the restoration is simplified.

With every plan, you get more and more advanced features.

I personally like how clearly VaultPress manages to present the product, so you know what to expect.


Price: Free

This is a free open-source plugin perfectly suitable for small blogs and simpler websites. Pick this plugin if you’re fine with recovering the website manually, though.

The biggest drawback of BackUpWordPress is that it doesn’t support your clouds as a direct backup location.

On the other hand, BackUpWordPress offers multiple schedules, custom backups, and translations into multiple languages.

Go for this one if you’re looking for simplicity.


Price: $42-$399/year

With probably the biggest variety of plans, UpdeaftPlus has can be a good choice regardless of your website/business size.

On their website, you’ll find a bunch of comparisons that will help you when you’re trying to choose between UpdraftPlus and another competitor.

Premium support, regular updates, and 1GB of storage space are among the perks you get for using the premium versions.

UpdraftPlus is compatible with any cloud storage you want to use.


Price: $59-$359

Depending on the package you choose, you either get to use the premium features for a year or for a lifetime.

One of the main selling points of the service is making migrations super easy.

But backup scheduling is not an option here, so for regular automatic backups, you should consider one of the above-listed options.

Some of them offer easy migrations as well but it’s the primary feature of Duplicator.

So, have you decided which one you’re going to choose? Advanced functionality, as you can see, always comes with a paid subscription, with 10Web as the only exception.

The reason it’s free is that the backup service is only a small part of the 10Web platform, so becoming a free user for the service may make you consider purchasing an entire platform as well. However, it’s not a trial; the backup service is free for a lifetime, and you can keep using it as long as you wish without any pressure to start paying for anything.

Content is provided by Sudarsan Chakraborty. He writes for his blog Qualitytechtalk.