Most blogging platforms eventually disappear but WordPress withstood the test of time. Ever since 2003 it has been growing and now there are billions of websites using it. According to Yoast, around 25% of new sites use this content management system. This does include business websites.

In fact, when developing a new business site, especially for the small to medium-sized firms, WordPress instantly stands out as a preferred option, just like other services, like HANA Business Intelligence on Why is that?

Cost Efficiency

Thanks to the use of WordPress, websites no longer have to cost thousands of dollars. Both development and design become highly cost effective. At the same time, maintenance and upkeep expenses are very low since the business can take care of this internally as opposed to having someone hired just for that. Content updates are simple and are normally handled by site owners.

No Geographic Restrictions

Whenever WordPress theme websites have to be developed or changes need to be made, location is irrelevant. All that is necessary is a connection to the internet.

SEO Ready

From the moment it was launched, one of the foundations of WordPress was its SEO-friendliness. All the websites that use the CMS already have the structure needed to allow proper and fast Google indexing. When more is needed, you can easily just install an extra plugin and full SEO on-site customization becomes available.

Responsive Web Design

The use of mobile devices to browse the internet is growing at a huge rate. Right now there are more site visitors that use smartphones and similar gadgets than desktop PCs. This is why responsive web design is simply a necessity. Even Google started prioritizing the websites that are responsive over those that are not.

WordPress is coded in a way that it is completely responsive right from the box. Also, all the new themes launched are responsive. You basically get to just build your site and it will surely look great on any mobile gadget used for viewing.

Simple Content Addition

Adding content to a website used to be time-consuming. WordPress changed that and actually set a new standard when it comes to site updates. All the websites that use the CMS can be updated in just minutes. Changes are simple to make and when you want to add a new page or article, you take advantage of a highly-intuitive user interface that has everything you need.

It should be added that when a new feature is needed on the site, since WordPress is open source, there is a huge possibility that there are plugins that can get that done. At the very least, there are tutorials that teach you how to get that feature you are looking for.

Perfect For Content Marketing

Content marketing is basically a necessity for modern businesses. WordPress makes it really simple to have your site ready even for the most aggressive marketing campaign you may want to run. In just seconds the content of the site is updated and you can do this whenever you want to. Content updates done in a frequent manner are needed for businesses, for instance during holidays.