Have you ever wondered how people get their website to dominate in their niche? They’re not buying special programs for $97 they found on Facebook. They’re using strategies that emphasize the importance of providing visitors with the value they expect.

If your website isn’t a heavy hitter in your niche, here are 3 hacks to get it going:

Hack #1: Blast your competition by offering more than them

In the 1990s, website design may have been choppy and weird, but people who made websites had something specific to share with the world. The internet was interesting, and search engines brought up a wide variety of content for every search phrase.

Today, websites in every niche are a dime a dozen. Content is swiped, scraped, and copied. Catchy titles are overused, and search results are flooded with filler content. It’s hard to find good websites. Visitors know this and bounce rates are high.

To escape this fate, figure out how to offer your visitors more without sacrificing quality. For instance, this guide detailing 121 things to do in Rome stands out. Other articles will be ignored when visitors are given a choice between reading about 10 things or 121 things. It’s not just the quantity that matters, either. A thorough description and a beautiful photo accompany all 121 activities.

Hack #2: Focus on local

Let’s face it; if you’re a plumber or a contractor, there’s only so much you can do to create unique content. Writing articles to help your customers maintain their home is probably the best value you can provide. Everyone does that, so how can you stand out?

Without gobs of money and top-notch SEO experts, you’ll get buried by the national brands. So, your best bet is to focus on local SEO by creating a free business listing with Google.

When a user searches for a business but doesn’t type in a location, Google will provide search results based on the zipcode associated with their Google account. Businesses with a Google My Business listing have a major advantage: their listings come up first prior to webpages. Get a free listing and get found in the search engines without having to pay thousands of dollars for SEO.

Hack #3: Know what your competition does and do it better 

The only way to beat your competition is to be better than your competition. To be better than them, you need to know what they’re doing right, what they’re doing wrong, and fill the holes.

Let’s look at an example. A search for “homemade radios” on Google pulls up two competing pages on how to make a radio. An article from BoysLife.org, and the homepage for MakeARadio.com.

The Boys’ Life article is in the number one spot, but it’s simple and limited. It’s written for younger kids, so the simplicity makes sense. However, the second website (while it lacks in design) provides over 5,000 pages of radio projects. The homepage alone offers links to build five different radio projects: a crystal radio, a tube radio, a solid state radio, an audio amplifier, and a loop antenna.

The creator, Dave Schmarder, provides content that crushes any potential competition. Built by a true radio enthusiast who grew up in a ham radio family, one look at his section on building crystal radios is all it takes to know how you can dominate your niche.

He’s got 78 different project plans numbered and categorized according to difficulty. The projects are sorted in two ways. The first section displays all projects in a grid. Projects are numbered, rated according to difficulty, and accompanied by a small photo. The second section displays a numerical listing with a brief description and difficulty rating. Next, there’s a legend explaining the difficulty rating to help visitors determine which project is right for them.

His organization is superb and arranged in a way that’s easy to access. It’s highly unlikely that he researched his competition before creating this intricate website. Building radios is clearly his passion, and that’s why his website stands out.

If you’re passionate about your business the way this guy is passionate about building radios, and you can format your information succinctly, you may not need to worry about your competition.

Although your website probably isn’t about building homemade radios, makearadio.com is a great example of dominating a niche by organizing content in a way nobody can compete with. You just need to find a way to apply this your niche.