Businesses today face more existential threats than at any other time in history. There are a seemingly endless array of pitfalls and obstacles that the modern business owner must overcome in order to beat out all their competitors. Not only is competition between businesses fiercer than ever before, but consumers have more choice over who to do business with. As a result, many need to be at the absolute top of their game if they hope to rise to the top.

Efficiency is built upon the bedrock of good communications. If a business doesn’t have an effective and efficient communications system in place, then it won’t be able to support the most efficient working practices. Not only do your internal communications need to be up to scratch, you also need to be able to communicate with customers and clients unimpeded.

Technological developments in recent years have radically altered the way in which we think about communications. There is now a plethora of options open to us whenever we want to talk to someone else. For example, an automated calling system can perform a multitude of functions. By unifying disparate communications methods under a single system, it is possible to create a much more streamlined communications flow.


This is the big selling point of a unified communications system. By providing your business with real-time access to communications services such as phone, email and instant messaging, from any device, a unified communications system ensures that every member of your team is contactable at any time. When your team is able to talk to one another unimpeded they will find it much easier to work cooperatively and efficiently.


Unified communications systems can be accessed from anywhere – check out Masergy for SD Wan Solutions. SD Wan (software driven wide area networking) is a protocol which allows different networks to connect together. They also allow you to send a communication in one format and have it delivered in another. For example, an email can automatically be converted to an SMS message, or even into an audio file. Access on the go adds new layers of flexibility to your business model.


Unified communications offer a level of reliability which is difficult to match. Unified communications systems will usually have a number of built in redundancies to ensure that if one communications system fails it doesn’t bring the whole network down. When paired with a quality cloud access plan. The right unified communications system can all but guarantee constant communications coverage.


In order for any business to reach its maximum potential, the people that comprise the business will have to learn to work efficiently as a team. Teamwork allows the skills and talents of individuals to be multiplied and combined to produce new and astonishing results. It is the role of any good manager to encourage teamwork and collaboration amongst their workers – unified communications make it easier for you to do that.

Unified communications offer the modern business an essential advantage over their competitors. The more efficient your business’ communications systems, the more efficiently your workers can perform their jobs.